About Me

I am Marya Petrina (a.ka. Pet -- my ever famous nickname). My name looks Russian, but I am a Filipino; and, part Chinese too.

I love The X-Files. I am an X-Phile, a lamb, a jazz, a yankee, an archietect, a soul patrol, a foo. Simply, I am a fangirl and I am quite remarkable at being one (or so I claim to be).

I am pursuing a career in law. I'm heading there. Soon. Atty.

I believe in a lot of things. I believe that God created evil--or in a way, intended evil to exist. I believe that people destroy the system they create; not the other way around. I believe in justice for both sides; and, that the law is not perfect, but we need to abide, unless we change it. I believe truth is, more often than not, subjective. Yes, the truth is out there, but so are lies.

I love my family. They are the most important people in my life. I treasure my friends, the memories and everything I was blessed with in this life.

I try to live my life the best way I can possible. I try. I do. I live.