Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Buzzing Bees!


Oh, just some random thoughts on Philippine politics and current events.

On "truths", the rule of law & the accused.

+ Bombard people with unbelievable figures, some, especially the noisy ones, will accept the figures and the implications as truthful facts. So, next time you go accuse someone of corruption or wrongdoing, make sure the amount/accusation is so shocking and unbelievable that it would make people believe it. Shock makes unbelievable facts as truths. The more shocking it is, the truer it becomes. So, yeah. Let's all ignore the law and the rights of the accused 'cause you know, what they allegedly did was soooo shocking and horrifying that not believing it is never an option. In the Philippines, being accused of something is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Accusation has become proof. Thus, accusation means your guilty. Sad reality. Exaggerated? Oh, yes. Still, reality.

On "Panama Papers", the Yellow Media & Journalism
+ "Using information/documentation unlawfully obtained is a crime."

Ah, the media does not care. Not many people actually care. It's been decided by the media: the goal is to paint all world leaders on the list as corrupt at all cost. The rule of law is inferior to their truth. The assumption is all global leaders on the list are corrupt. The non-global leaders are tax evaders. All these assumptions even when the list does not actually say they are.

So much for fair and balanced media.

+ In the Philippines, tax avoidance and tax evasion are not synonymous. Tax avoidance is legal. Tax evasion is illegal.

+ Lionel Messi and Jackie Chan are on the list. I dare you to call them tax evaders. If we follow your "condemning without hearing" logic, you wouldn't spare them. Issues based on personality should stop. Don't jump into conclusions just because you don't like a person.

+ So, what happened to "objective, impartial and balanced presentation of facts"? It took a click-bait headline on bits of information from a certain "Panama Papers" to ignore this. Lucky enough if they actually even bothered reading it in full. What a way to shame the people you already hate, huh? Leaving out other familiar names in your headlines, no? The SYs are on the list (You know SM), Ramon Ongsiako Cojuangco, Jr. and Miguel Ongsiako Cojuangco are on it too (related to your beloved Conjuangco family). Oh, of course, our media will leave them out. The focus will always be the surnames "Marcos", "Ejercito" or just simply connected to that family. Instant headline-worthy.
Some people will take everything as facts. Worse, they'll take it as if they already did something wrong even if nothing has been proven yet.

HIGHLIGHT THIS: "There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any persons, companies or other entities included in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly."

Next time you ask for an objective, impartial and balanced presentation of facts, make sure you can stand by it. Hindi siya for political convenience lang, media.

On Philippine Elections & Change.

+ Next time, vote for a candidate (running for the highest office) who desires to give public service with no political ambition. Wait, what "next time"? Filipinos have been doing that for years!!! Tapos, sasabihin nila, "WE WANT CHANGE". Let's effin' vote for him/her because he/she is soooooo simple. He/she's sooooo mabait. He/she is sooooo madasalin. He/she is soooooooo walang ambisyon maging Presidente. Sa inyo na yang "change" na yan. Gasgas na gasgas na gasgas na gasgas na yan. Dalawang dekada ko na narinig at nabasa iyan. It's probably why I stopped advocating for it. Simplistic. Repetitive. Uninspiring.

On Kidapawan & the Yellow Silence.

+ Now, Jim Paredes cares about the facts, huh? You hypocrite you! If we follow your logic on Martial Law, you'd actually blame PNOY for the Kidapawan massacre. But, NO! You're blinded by your "yellow" love. You are outraged by the Mar Roxas memes, but not the Kidapawan massacre. You demand facts. You demand facts? You demand objective analysis? Facts you did not even care about during Martial Law. Objective analysis you have often dismissed when it comes to Martial Law. Oh, yes I will make that connection. He hates Martial Law and the Marcoses and loves yellow so much "to the point of insanity"! Let's not make this about politics my foot! You being concerned about the Mar Roxas memes is not politics, huh?

+ "We want a balanced presentation of facts." Add: "ONLY when convenient to our cause." Yup. Only when it fits their narrative. It's been their formula for 30 years, people! If you truly want a balanced presentation of facts, apply it equally to all. Huwag yung "ngayon lang".


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