Saturday, April 23, 2016



Think about it. Is change an individual effort that we should "change from within"? Or, are we the type of people driven by our leaders, our society, our culture? Is change, considering these factors of leadership, society and culture, a collective effort? Should we be willing to change ourselves or should there be a driving force for us to change? Or, both?

They say, real change starts from within. Does it, really? Do we simply decide that we change for the better? Or, do we decide to change because it's what our leaders, our society, and culture demand from us? Or, is it simply demanded by these changing times? 

Do we drive change? Or, are we driven by change? Are we the type of people who choose to follow? Or, are we a society of leaders? Are Filipinos the "change from within" type of people? Or, are we "leadership by example" kind of people? Do we follow our leaders because we want to? Or, do we follow our leaders because we need to? Want, need, or both?

Change, change, change.

"We want change." The most overused "battle cry" during elections.

Change. What is it, really? From whom? For whom?

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