Friday, February 05, 2016

Answers in Unexpected Places


Wise words from a T-shirt | H&M
Apparently, those words came from the song Fix You by Coldplay. Forgive me for not knowing. I rarely listen to Coldplay. At least I got something from it. It's another way of saying, "face your damn fears". All the questions I had in mind last night were answered by a shirt I saw at H&M, Gateway Branch. Haaaa! It's probably the first in-your-face sign that I got from Him. That was literally an  in-your-face moment, and it was in a mall! Funny how He works sometimes.

That's not all!

Music provides answers too.

I've been listening to a song by Phillip Phillips. It's called Midnight Sun, from the album Behind the Light. It's one of my favorites. The lyrics speak to me, especially now. It made me remember my life as a law student, a bar reviewee and a bar examinee--how it was like and how I really enjoyed it no matter how difficult it really had been. Best of all, it reminded me why I chose to take this path. It's the "remember the why" moment again. It certainly helped a lot. Like Mulder, this brought my confidence back.

Thanks to Flipagram, here's a minute of Midnight Sun and a glimpse of my law school years, bar review months, bar examination days, and the aftermath.

Midnight Sun is also my Song of the Week because clearly it's my most played song and one which really means a lot to me right now. Thank you, Phillip Phillips and co. for writing this inspiring song! ;-)

In case you're are the relevant lyrics from the song...

There's a storm ahead
I see it all around me
I feel it in the air
Shake the ground beneath my feet
And I know it's all a part of me
Did you make a plan
Just to watch it crumble
Now you see yourself
In a mirror that you cannot clean
And it's all a part of you
Oh my friend
Look how time has changed
The cracks in our skin
Oh my friend
Let go of the fear that's inside your head
So stay strong live on
And chase the midnight sun
Full lyrics HERE

Clearly, I'm on my way to chase the midnight sun! ♥


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