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TV REVIEW: The X-Files - "My Struggle"


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Our favorite show is back and cliche' as it may sound, it was AWESOME! It got mixed reviews from the critics, but I think fan reviews are way more important than the critics', right? Looks like majority of us, XPhiles, loved it. I mean, truly loved it. And of course, it brought back great memories.

It had to begin with a voiceover. Oh how I've missed it! Lots of nostalgia!

I am not going to recap the episode(s) because I suck at it. I will simply write about my thoughts, feelings and emotions, and my theories about the mythology--especially the mythology.

The X-Files is, among other things, a show about government conspiracies and the revival episode just gave us that. Some have complained that My Struggle gave too much of it, but not  me. Having seen the second episode, Founder's Mutation, it became clearer that they just had to lay down the basis. They may have presented too much of these conspiracies in one episode, nonetheless it needed to be done. Season 10 will only have six episodes. It's probably why there's a conspiracy overload and it's a little bit fast paced. Still, it was better than expected. The office basement shift, in particular, was kind of out of place, but the dialogue was on point. I particularly loved "it's fiction masquerading as fact"--great delivery by David Duchovny. There are lot of truths in that particular statement, by the way. Relevant and current.

Mulder realizing the "what ifs"--what if the alien conspiracy was a lie, or what if everything they were led to believe in was all a lie? It would definitely change everything, wouldn't it? Everything was simply orchestrated by the government, but what if this sudden shift was just a decoy? Or, a ploy to confuse us. I mean, this is Chris Carter--that man, the myth, the legend of conspiracy theories--alien, government or both. Also, government conspiracies have always been part of the show. I mean, these are all WHAT IFs, and just like the 90's, uncertain. In The X-Files, you can never be certain, except the love between Mulder and Scully--that, definitely, is certain. Oh, my shipper heart!

Yes, the shipper heart. Not even TAD can destroy that. Let's talk about Tad for a minute. You don't call Scully, Dana, okay? Especially when you're not Mulder. The Tad Hate Is Out There. He's the male version of Diana Fowley. He won't stand a chance. On another note, I think Joel McHale as Tad O'Malley was convincing enough, if the goal was to annoy us, or as what Scully said, "a charming man full of charming BS". In that case, he succeeded. I'll have to leave it at that. Oh, Annet Mahendru was pretty good as Sveta. Props to the both of you!

Watching The X-Files felt like I was watching a movie in prime time television. I guess it has always been that way, even Vince Gilligan would agree. My Struggle had that feel, only it's 2016 and the visuals are amazing. Finally, the studio has given this show the support it deserves--comes with technology, I guess. So, technically, I have no complaints. Fantastic visuals!

The premiere also brought a lot of nostalgia. Just seeing them back together brought back great X-Files memories, fangirl memories and simply, everything about The X-Files. It was special. Plus, the old title sequence is back with minor changes. It's old new. It's chilling. Classic. X-Files. Mark Snow is a legend. The X-Files theme will forever be remembered. The Mulder/Tad conspiracy monologue was Kritschgau-esque. Redux, And then, the voice of reason, Dana Scully, just shuts them down. "Your test came back negative. She has no evidence of alien DNA" was a great Scully exit. BOOM!

Now, these are my theories. I think Sveta is alive. As Scully said near the end, Sveta has alien DNA. Scully had it re-tested, and apparently, "She (Sveta) is not the only one". It is implied that Scully has alien DNA too. Makes sense, if you ask me. And more importantly, I think Scully's alien DNA might have something to do with her "immortality". It has been said that Season 10 will tackle Scully's so-called "immortality". It's why I also think Sveta's still alive aside from the "no dead body, not dead" principle on TV. We'll have to wait and see if these theories prove correct.

Finally, how the hell is the Cigarette-Smoking-Man still alive? I have no explanation, except that he survived the "blast". Or, he may have alien DNA too? Haaaaaa!

What matters is, The X-Files is re-opened and our favorite agents are back! ♥


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