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The Year That Was 2015


2015 was undeniably a great year not only for me, but also for the family. It's a year full of fun, local travels, challenges and moments. My best nine photos on Instagram may more or less represent my 2015, but I wouldn't say it's definitely my 'best nine' moments of the year. Why quantify it when moments are about quality and not quantity, right?

@mulder8scully5's 2015bestnine
2015 marked the year when I became a Dalubhasang Hurista. After a fun, difficult yet exciting 6 years in law school, I officially earned my Juris Doctor degree. There was no room for a huge celebration because it was not yet the end game. I still needed to fulfill my dream of being a lawyer. Graduating just made me a step closer to that dream. Nonetheless, I have achieved something I never imagined I could. 

Just a few days before the graduation, reviewing for the bar had to begin. There was no other choice. The bar season had begun. The bar review was tough but fun. In fact, it was more fun than I, or we, expected. Having the right attitude is all one could ask for. As one of our reviewers said, "Steady but ready". We needed to relax and at the same time focus, and most importantly, a positive attitude. I believe we did just that. I'm not sure I would have survived the bar review if it weren't for the friends and new friends I met. If you're surrounded by positive people who have positive outlook in life, you'll be fine no matter how difficult life will be. 

Surviving the bar review was just one of the many steps to reach the dream. I needed to survive the biggest month yet--November, or as my fellow bar takers would say, NovemBAR. The 4 Sundays of November were exhausting. I have never been so tired in my entire life. Sobrang nakapapagod. I felt the exhaustion more than the difficulty of the questions asked in every bar subject. It's probably one of the weirdest reasons why I survived the bar examinations. Giving up never crossed my mind because I was extremely tired to even consider it. Or, I was just too determined to finish it. In all honesty, I was too determined to TOP the bar no matter how impossible it may seem. "Impossible is nothing", Adidas style. 

It was during the bar season that I became more prayerful than ever. I completed the 9-Thursday Novenas in St. Jude, and bonus mass and novena on the 10th day. Mama, papa and I were able to visit Manaoag twice this year. Visited churches during the holy week for my graduation and lawyer wish. We also revived our Friday habit--the novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Faith was strong in 2015 and it made us all happy. 

Family moments were also huge last year. We got to eat out more, eat at home, skate, had political discussions or simply talk about life, TV shows, or work. We were able able to travel as a family, although not entirely complete because I have 2 siblings currently working outside the country. They get to visit us in accordance with their individual schedules. So, it's rare that we get to spend time as a complete family. If we do, we make sure that it would be worth it and it was. My first trip to Ilocos during the holy week was one of those rare moments that we, as a family, including our immediate relatives, got together. 

The Ilocos Region is one of the best places I have been in my entire life. It had the municipality-city-province balance. Ilocos Norte, in particular, has a great balance of heritage, history, and development. I vowed to come back and come back I did. I visited Ilocos twice this year and it was all worth it. All I can say is, Ilocos is a beautiful place and it tells us why it is, indeed, more fun in the Philippines. Tourism is quite huge in the North this year.

As far as fandoms are concerned, it's been a great your for me, the fangirl. The huge X-Files Revival news is everything. It's the best fandom news ever. Mulder and Scully will be back and I am more excited than I ever was. We, the X-Philes, will get to experience The X-Files in a new light with social media discussions and all that. That's something to watch out for this 2016.

Another memorable moment for a fangirl like me is the International Premier Tennis League. It was the first tennis event I got to see live and this featured my favorite tennis player of this generation and my second favorite tennis player of all time (next to Pete Sampras, of course), RAFAEL NADAL. Seeing him play live is the best experience is any sports event ever. It was simply amazing--a dream come true. Rafa was intense. He really played at his best during the Manila leg. He had great moments and great winners. Most importantly, I got to scream, "VAMOS RAFA!!!" and it matters a lot for a fan like me. 

Onto another highlight of the year. Mama, papa and I got to do something we have never done before. That is, to attend a political rally--a declaration for Vice Presidential bid by Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos. I was also able to attend Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago's Meet and Greet a.k.a her declaration of candidacy as President of the Philippines. These political rallies were moments to remember. If you are a political science major like me, these events are major especially when you support these candidates.

Witnessing Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos' declaration of his candidacy for Vice President was truly an honor. It was definitely my political highlight of the year. People in different sectors came together to show their support and we were really glad to have had shown ours. His speech was forceful but dignified. You could feel his passion in public service. He inspires people. He meant every word he said. That, for me, is very important. He is the leader I want and I will show support whenever I can. Plus the fact the I got to "meet" him during the bar review at a school event, finally. He signed my Macoy shirt and it was awesome. It was certainly an unforgettable moment for me.

So much for fandom. It's time for FAMILY. The holiday season is definitely about God and family. I completed simbang gabi for the nth time. It's a "thank you" to God for everything that He has blessed us with. We visited Baguio City right after Christmas. It was the family's last travel vacation of the year. We rarely do travel vacations. Fortunately, we got to do it this time. Lots of food moments. Food was definitely the highlight of that trip! Oh, and BenCab museum. Artworks, views and family pictures sums it up. Great holidays are spent with family. Cheers!

I have pretty much covered my favorite 2015 moments. It's been a year of dreams, career paths, achievements, travels, friendships, positive attitude, faith, and family. I want to thank the good Lord for all these blessings. Sure, there were challenges and I don't often highlight it although there may be a need to, but this is not about challenges, it's about overcoming these challenges and living a positive life. So, here's to 2015: THANK YOU! 

Hello, 2016!!! ♥


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