Monday, June 22, 2015

SOTW: Starlight ♥


My first "Song(s) of the Week" (SOTW) entry. This is only the beginning. Looking forward to next week and the weeks ahead. It should be a weekly thing. I am that person who just gets stuck with certain song or songs for a week or even months mainly because of the nostalgia and/or how I feel at the moment and it's something I'd like to share with the world. lol. I mean, why not include it in my own personal archive, right?

SOTW - June 14 to 20, 2015

5 songs for this week! ♫

#5 - Walking After You by The Foo Fighters

This song has MSR written all over it. Mulder and Scully. Scully and Mulder. The X-Files revival is just giving me all these feels and I have got to warn you that you'll probably read more of my MSR feels as you read your way to #1, and even in the coming blog entries, if I get to find time to blog about 'em. It has to be perfect. So, here's Walking After You from the album, The Color and the Shape and The X-Files Movie Soundtrack.

Oh, and Dave Gohl? He had a cameo on The X-Files and he's such a fanboy too. I have yet to gif that Gillian Anderson-Dave Grohl moment. Soon. Soon. Soon. 

#4 - To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra ft. Patrick Watson

I'll start by saying that an awesomely made X-Files fan video led me to this song and this version with Patrick Watson is my favorite. His voice captured the drama, the emotions and the feeling of this song. Plus, it suits the Mulder-Scully story illustrated in the fan-made video. It just speaks to me.

Here's the beautiful live performance of this song.

The piano is everything. It's what made me love this version even more.

#3 - Sympathy by The Goo Goo Dolls

One of the best written songs of my generation. I really find this song inspiring. I think it is. This song is what I need in the coming months because it's going to be more stressful than ever. This is why I couldn't help but listen to it from time to time. It's about life and the choices we make. It's timeless. Always relevant, never irrelevant.

The beauty of simplicity right there--a guy, his band, and their musical instruments. ♥

#2 - Hey Jealousy  by Gin Blossoms

This is so 90s! I looove 90s music and this one brings back a lot of great 90s memories. Hey Jealousy and it brings back great memories? Weird, eh? Haha. It's all about the song and band, I guess. This is just so 90s and it's beautiful.

That was a really good live performance. I live for live performances. Live performances make the song more special. It could be the reason why it brought back a lot of the 90s feels. The most nostalgic song of this Top 5.

#1 - Starlight by Muse

STARLIGHT ♥ is my Mulder and Scully song at the moment. It's all because of a fan-made video. I did not expect to like this song so much, but right now I do. And, Matt Bellamy is such a great singer and musician. Of all their songs I've heard, this one has to be my favorite. It has this connection to my favorite show, The X-Files and the mother of all the OTPs out there, Mulder and Scully.

Here's Starlight from the album Black Holes & Revelations.

Hold you in my arms
I just wanted to hold
You in my arms

Every time I watch this, I be like...

Awesome. (Dreamy)
 There you have it. Hope you get to listen and/or watch these songs! ♥


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