Friday, April 10, 2015

DIY: Photo Frame for Photo Clippings


I used to be the 'arts and crafts' girl. I miss that. I miss it so bad that I was so determined to revisit this hobby. I'm glad I did. Now, I can say: "I MADE THIS."

Introducing my first DIY project - Photo Frame for Photo Clippings Made of Coconut Broomstick.

I'm not even sure it's what it should be called. Haaaa!

Reduce. Reuse. Recyle. This is the theme of this project. Typo's mini photo clips which came with  a photo string originally cost Php199.75. Since there was a 30% discount, I only spent Php139.825 for this project. ;)

What you need:
  • Used and/or old walis tingting or coconut broomstick
  • Used plastic and/or paper ropes
  • Photo clips
  • Yarns/Photo string
  • Photos
  • Pens
What to do:

Step 1:  Disassemble the walis tingting or coconut broomstick. Wash it with soap and water. Let it dry.

Step 2:  Group the sticks into four, representing the frame's four sides. You can group them either by height or randomly.

Step 3:  Use the rope (in my case, the paper rope) to tie each group of sticks together. If you're good at tying knots, it's your time to shine!

Do the same for the other three. Now, we have all four sides of the frame.

Step 4:  Set-up the frame. Use the rope to tie each of the corner of the frame. The better the knot, the sturdier the frame is.

Step 5:  Insert the coconut yarn or string into the clip's hole. It's like inserting a thread into a needle. See the photo below.

Insert as many pins as necessary.

Step 6:  Tie the end of the yarn or string in one side and the other end to the other side.

Step 7:  Choose the photos you'd like to 'hang'. You may add captions to have a more personal feel to it. 

So there, that's 7 basic steps on how to make your own photo frame for your photo clippings. This is a basic photo frame. It's up to you if you'd like make it more personalized and more artsy. For now, it's as basic as it can be. 

Looking forward to more arts and crafts. I seriously cannot wait for the next one! ;) DIYs can really be awesome!


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