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CONCERT REVIEW: The Elusive Chanteuse Show


This is Part 2 of 2.

October 28, 2014 - Mariah Mania In Manila Part Deux!
The Elusive Chanteuse Show - Mall of Asia Arena | Photo taken by me :)

Mariah was perfect. The venue wasn't. Let's just say MOA Arena was a disappointment. Let's just leave it at that and focus on Mariah's greatness as a singer, songwriter and artist.

This was Mariah Carey's second concert in the Philippines. The first one was at The Fort open field--the first concert I've seen in my entire life. To see her again was a blessing. She is a magnificent singer and her songs will live forever.

Similar to her previous Chanteuse shows, she opened the show with Fantasy and the crowd just went loud and wild. And, I mean, LOUD and WILD. We just love her and every minute of Fantasy was nostalgic. SHE. WAS. HAVING. FUN. It's probably because of the crowd. Ha!

Emotions was another crowd favorite. This was the first time she sang this song here in the Philippines. Every bit of it was amazing. Sure, her voice changed a bit but she can certainly hit those high whistle notes just like before. Hearing it live is one of the most amazing concert experiences ever. Her voice is one of a kind. The crowd's reaction was epic. Every time she whistles, they screamed with great appreciation. It was simply amazing. Too bad there aren't a lot of videos with great audio, or it was probably just MOA Arena's bad audio. lol. (Singapore's venue was just THAT good, so, yeah, that says a lot).

Mariah's soulful and sultry voice was put to test with My All, which she sang so beautifully. It may be one of my least favorite songs of hers, but when she sings it live, it becomes a favorite. My All  has always been the test of whether her voice is in shape or not. In this case, as in her previous concerts in China, Singapore, and Malaysia, Mariah sang My All with ease and so much soul and it was perfect. Again, her ad libs were flawless.

One of my personal favorites is Shake It Off. I never thought the song would sound really good live, but it did. The introduction to the song was a great addition to it. Fits perfectly with the song. Plus, the harmonies were spot on. A perfect singer with amazing backup singers, perfect match. It was another shining urban moment. I love, love, love Shake It Off

Uh, you're thirsty...The video is HERE. (If you're interested. I have yet to upload it on YT.) The clarity of Mariah's voice in Thirsty was one of the best moments during the show. If only the crowd really went on to sing with her, it would have been magical. Never thought Thirsty had the gospel feel. It was dark, magical and mystical. Well-played, Mimi.

My personal favorite and for me, the highlight of the night was Fly Like A Bird. I've said it before and I will say it again. The Fly Like A Bird performance was worth every peso. It was the performance of the night. The emotions, the vocal acrobatics, the high notes--everything was there. I feel you, Mariah. We feel you. It was simply A+MAZING. Mariah at her finest. BEAUTIFUL. I had to record the performance again. Same song, different venue. Here's my recording of Fly Like A Bird.

This, on the other hand, was uploaded by one William Mercado. Thank you, sir! :)

The crowd's response is everything. They know. They know what's coming. INCREDIBLE! MARIAH TOOK US TO CHURCH! ABSOLUTE SLAY-AGE, EVERYONE. Mariah sure knows how to silence her haters.

Mariah's concert would not be complete without the fan favorites, old or new. She sang HoneyHeartbreaker (Remix)/#Beautiful, I'm That Chick, Cry, and Supernatural.

Her performance of Supernatural was not as memorable as the Singapore concert. There was no special participation of 'dembabies' here, but it was still good. Again, the bond she has with her children is every mother's dream. We can see how great she is as a mother and how hands-on she can be with her kids. She juggles career and family quite well.

Another crowd favorite is her duet with Trey Lorenz. I'll Be There never gets old. There are more banters in this show than the Singapore show. Great vocals as well. Excuse my cam-cording skills and just enjoy this awesome performance of this classic song.

Another memorable moment is that "Mahal kita, Manila" moment. That was priceless. It was from "Mabuhay" to "Mahal Kita". And, she was very particular with the pronunciation. You did great, Mariah! Epic moment. ♥ Oh, let's not forget that Mariah Carey Philippines 'ringtone' she did, which I failed to get on camera, but the lambs know what I mean. A local fan group being acknowledged by the artist herself is quite an accomplishment for that group. She knows we exist. Thank you, Mariah. Mahal ka namin! (We love you!).

Now, we have the big ones--Hero, We Belong Together and Always Be My Baby.

Hero is a fan favorite the way a fan favorite is defined. It is a song that inspires people. It inspires people to be strong and hopeful. It teaches us to see the good in ourselves and the good in people. It is probably one of those songs that fans would want to see and hear live. I'm glad Mariah included it in her setlist. She sang it oh so beautifully. Goosebumps all over. These trying times made the song more meaningful than ever. Mariah's strength is evident and that's what I admire about her. That beauty queen moment 'tho, it was awesome! Let's all be heroes and make the world a better place.

Here's Hero. Video uploaded by William Mercado.



We finally got to see and hear We Belong Together live. The song of the decade, everybody. This was beautiful. The climax has always been my favorite part. Heeeeh. I mean, that was perfect! Amazing Mariah! This song is not just about belting. It's about technique and when you talk about vocal technique, Mariah has it all. Ha! Plus, this particular song is one of the best songs of all time. Talk about song of the decade. That's undeniable.

Again, here's another video by William Mercado.  

We Belong Togetheeerrrrr!

Finally, the song everyone knows. You just have to end the night with this song. It is kinda mellow, but festive at the same time. "Just relax, just relax", she says. Mariah, we can't relax! Haha. (Forgive the unevenness of the audio. The fault is attributable to me. LMAO.)

Throughout the tour, I was wondering why Always Be My Baby became the encore song and I think the crowd's reaction says a lot. It's the song people would sing-a-long to. Evidently. Most importantly, EVERYONE LOVES IT. EVEN THE NON-FANS. So, yeah, it was a great move. The Butterfly Outro was lovely. Every time she sings that song or that part alone makes me smile. It was simply beautiful. No tears, all smiles. There may be tears, but it's because it was a great night. Epic night. Again, thank you, Mariah. We love you.

Looking forward to the future shows in the Philippines. Or, in Vegas! Haaaa!

Mariah's my Queen Artist. Always.


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