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CONCERT REVIEW: The Elusive Chanteuse Show


This is Part 1 of 2.

The first concert I’ve been to my entire life was Mariah Carey’s first ever concert in the Philippines. That was in 2003. Mariah Carey Live in Manila. It was during the Charmbracelet World Tour. VIP tickets back then didn’t cost too much. Unfortunately, I  still couldn’t afford to buy one.  Well, at least I got to see her live and experience her greatness. I remember every moment of it still. It remains to be one of the best shows I’ve seen to date. That voice, those songs, the banters, the crowd, the ad libs (WE LIVE FOR THE AD LIBS, MARIAH! You are the QUEEN OF AD LIBS!), the everything—unforgettable. She is that artist I will forever look up to and respect no matter what—not only as an artist, but also as a person. 

Since then, I’ve been wishing for her to come back and have a concert here (again). Or, a concert in Hong Kong or Singapore and I'd fly to see her. Finally, all these happened. The Singapore and Manila legs were going to happen as part of her world tour, which was properly named: The Elusive Chanteuse Show. It was an opportunity I had to grab.

October 2014, evidently, was the Mariah Carey Month her fans (lambs), like me looked forward to. It was the most festive month of the year.

Having watched Mariah Carey live has always been a privilege and an honor. Being able to see her again, not just once, but twice in one week is beyond privilege and honor. It is a blessing that I’ve never imagined could happen. Thankfully, it did.  

The rest, as they say, is history.

October 24, 2014 – Singapore National Stadium

Mariah Carey has always been known for her range. The voice that she has is one of a kind. No one can sing like her. She’s proven it for decades. Mariah continues to prove the naysayers wrong despite a few hiccups blown out of proportion. Mariah Carey will forever be the voice. That’s what she had been showcasing night after night during the whole month of October 2014. 

The first night was a minor hiccup. Her voice was in full form since then (In particular, the 2nd show and most definitely during the 4th, 5th, 6th and so on). See, Mariah gets better over time. So, expect one hell of a come back, haters.

Singapore was the 10th leg of The Elusive Chanteuse Show. While some people expect her to fail in every way, the real fans know that she’ll put up a great show for us. Indeed, she did. As she always does. Mariah was in high spirits. She opened up the show with one of her biggest hits, Fantasy. This is definitely ‘for the nostalgia’! Such a crowd-pleaser. Plus, the beat really got the show going. We had the opportunity to hear Mariah do a sing-a-long of the ODB verses live as well! Sweet, sweet fantasy! It was actually a great way to start the concert. Awesome job, MC!

Of all the songs she sang during the first set, Emotions was definitely the highlight. It was my first time to hear her sing that song live, in person. And, I mean LIVE. It was a dream come true. When people say she can’t sing anymore, slap this video on their face! The high notes are simply incredible! When Mariah feels it, you feel it, 'nuff said! Shake It Off is another favorite from this set. The new intro is perfection! The entire performance did not disappoint either. Here you go, the best Shake It Off there is (This YT video uploaded by LepakTV).

Another favorite of mine and, for me, the best performance from the concert is Fly Like A Bird. You can watch the video of that amazing performance here. That song has always been a favorite. In fact, it is my favorite song from The Emancipation of Mimi. That performance alone was worth everything. Seeing Mariah perform Fly Like A Bird is the best thing ever. The crowd's reaction says it all. Goosebumps all over. Jesus surely carries her higher every time she sings it. Words can't express how lucky we were to be able to experience this live performance. It was amazing. Her brilliance as a songwriter and singer is clearly evident here. A+MAZING.

The favorites never end! It's time for the mother of all treats, Lullaby of Birdland. I was lucky enough to be in Singapore and watch Mariah do jazz, covering 'Birdland', made popular by Ella Fitzgerald. Mariah freestyles really well. That's a mark of a great singer. The ad libs and the speak-sings? Gorgeous. A jazz album is a great idea, actually. ;)

Mariah's not only the queen of the charts, she's also the queen of banters and speak-singing when she's in the mood. At this concert, she clearly was in the mood. I wasn't able to film everything, but at least I got a couple in-song and intro-to-song banters. Too bad I wasn't able to record the full Grammy shade. That was epic, by the way. Then again, there's the classic Mariah and Trey banters and speak-singing during I'll Be There. Sure, some fans are tired of this duet but not me. It will always be a duet that I look forward to every now and then. Here you go, Mariah and Trey and my awesome camcording skill lol.

This one's too cute not to be in this post! The hands-on-mommy with dembabies is definitely the highlight during Supernatural. It's an awwwww moment. There's so much love.

The last three songs she sang summed up almost everything the fans want--the inspiring fan favorite, her biggest song ever and the song everyone loves. That's Hero, We Belong Together, and  Always Be My Baby. Let's begin with Hero. It isn't one of my top favorite Mariah songs, but it is definitely one of the songs I'd want to hear live. Hero is different when sung live. It means something and Mariah makes sure we feel every word she sings. I was lucky enough to have seen her sing this song the second time and even got to film this beautiful performance. You inspire us, Mariah.

We Beong Together is the song we all wanted to hear live--for the first time! Too bad, I wasn't able to record the performance in full. Only got 27 seconds of it. Haaaa! Uhm, it's what we call the "memory card is full" moment. lol. Good thing is, there's YouTube. So, here's a video uploaded by LepakTV. The great Mariah Carey singing the song of the decade, We Belong Together. This is definitely a magical moment. ;)

Finally, the encore. Well, I didn't expect this song to be the encore. Always Be My Baby is clearly a fan favorite, but it usually is a prelude to the final songs and the encore, not the encore itself. I think I came to realize why it has become the encore song. Always Be My Baby has that festive feel. Everyone knows the song. The crowd is into it. When the crowd is still into the final song, that says a lot about the show and how great it's been. So, for me, it was a great way to end the The Elusive Chanteuse Show. It's fun. It keeps the energy going until the last note. It was definitely a night to be remembered. Always.

The funny thing is, I got to record the encore performance on my phone and you can clearly hear her amazing voice, but I decided not to upload it yet. It's not worth sharing in the sense that I was busy moving towards the front to get the best photo of Mariah. So, yeah, I got to film people's heads, their shirts, the floor, etc. I am sharing LepakTV's video instead. Here's Always Be My Baby.

Other highlights from the concert include My All, which is one of my least favorite songs, yet one of her best vocal moments during concerts. You can watch a clip here. My All remains to be amazing live. The intro to Thirsty is a vocal showcase. Mariah's soulful voice clearly heard in the stadium was amazing! The Yours moment was priceless. Being able to capture a few seconds of it on camera is awesome. It was nice hearing Touch My Body, Heartbreaker, #Beautiful, I'm That Chick, and Cry live as well.

Mariah's artistry is unparalleled, crossing all genres and generations. She is the greatest singer of all time and one of the best artists in the history of music. Haters gonna hate. They, however, cannot deny amazing talent. You can never bring a good person down. Mariah is a fighter. And, she's quite good at being one. The Elusive Chanteuse Show proved it. Mariah Carey is here to stay.


Part 2 is coming: 'Mariah Mania in Manila Part Deux!'


  1. YAY!!! Finally it is up! I am happy that you were able to see her perform after a long time and not just once but twice. Sobrang bongga nung SG pa hahaha she's always been the voice, I agree. Cheers! Looking forward to part 2!

    1. Hahaha! I'm still on cloud 9 lol. Bongga talaga yung sa SG lol. Sobrang nag-enjoy ako kasi ang lapit namin hahaha! I super duper love Mariah!!!! Nako, sana medyo mas mabilis yung Part 2. PHILIPPINES!!!!