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December 05, 2014

The internet has become a lot of "used-to-be's". It used to be a tool to express one's thoughts, ideas, or opinions in a very civil and respectful way. Internet forums and message boards used to encourage intelligent discussions. Respect meant something. There were critiques instead of critics. People wanted to make a point rather than spread hate. It was used to inform, not shame people. 

Today, all these have been used to be's.

You know how good people are made to look bad, and vise versa? How a great moment turns into a bad moment? Or, how bad moments are used to shame people? I call this spinning. It's all about spinning. Positive spin. Negative spin. You choose. 

More often than not, negative spin wins. This is how the internet has been used nowadays. This is how people in the internet, or "netizens" as the proudly call themselves, have become. Of course, there's that disclaimer that not all have become the people we despise, but there are a number of them--a great number of them.

Social media has particularly become the world of spin. If you don't like a politician, a musician, or a celebrity, or even an ordinary individual or group, there's social media for you. It has been a platform to shame people. A tabloid-like tool for hateful people. In that world, they win. It is, after all, their world, not ours. 

It shouldn't be ours.


Your move. My move. OUR MOVE.

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