Saturday, December 13, 2014

Blog as it happens.


Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds have done it again! I loooove these two. I love Dave Matthews Band. I loooooove Dave Matthews! ♥

I've been waiting for these Farm Aid 2014 videos since I don't even know when. Hahahaha!

So glad to have the time for YouTube!

First up, SNOW OUTSIDE. Ahhhh!!!! This song is one of my top favorites from Away from the World. Sooo happy they decided to sing this song live at Farm Aid! I can't even express how happy I am. Hahaha! It's such a beautiful performance of a beautiful song. I just looove everything about this performance!

Next, OH. It's kinda cheeeeesy yet I love it! Haha! I love you oh so well.

Finally, ANTS MARCHING. Oh, this song will never get old. Another amazing performance! DMB is one of the greatest bands ever! I hope I'd be able to watch them live. Experience and witness their greatness.

Must watch the whole DMB Farm Aid 2014 segment.

PS: This is what happens when I blog in real time. lol. TOO. MUCH. FANGIRL-ING.


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