Sunday, November 16, 2014

Life, fairness and TV shows


The past few days have taught me a lot about life. You see, the semester I thought would be the final semester was not exactly THE final semester I was hoping for. Good thing I didn't get my hopes up. Still, you can't help but feel sad or even angry especially when you know that certain things aren't supposed to be right but are nonetheless treated as such. It would make you think, "Yeah, life isn't fair. Deal with it" (Subconsciously, "Karma's gonna get you"). Indeed, life isn't fair and I have learned to accept that fact for so long. People can't please everybody. Hell, I don't even expect myself to please everybody. Luck wasn't on my side. Or, I was probably not ready. *rolls eyes* lol. Maybe, just maybe, God knows that I can do better next semester and that I would be more ready to face the next step. Well, I will try my best--to understand and to study harder. I wish, hope and pray that people would see the light--that in order to get what we want, we should work hard for it and earn it, fair and square. By the merits--nothing more, nothing less.

Clearly, I am upset. Then again, I have to deal with it. Somehow, I have. In fact, I am more determined than ever. This is probably one of the reasons why I was able to make this 'Friday Night Lights' inspired Facebook cover, one of the fastest covers I've made so far. I'm creative when I am determined.

CLEAR EYES. FULL HEARTS. CAN'T LOSE. I am ready for you, final sem!

Before I begin with the final sem, the break must end first. I still have a day to enjoy watching my favorite TV shows. Vacation is not a vacation without TV shows.  I've caught up with them and I must say that 'Agents of SHIELD' and 'Gotham' have been awesome this season. Well, it's  Shield's second season, and Gotham's first. We need more of these shows! (I am intentionally ignoring CW). 'Homeland' has come back and it's crazy good--mostly because of Peter Quinn! Haaaa! Aaaand, Claire Danes' brilliant acting. The Fall, Grimm, and The Newsroom have premiered as well. So, there's a lot of catching up when the next semester begins!!!! For now, I've caught up and I'm enjoying lots of shows. I am looking forward to the returning shows and the new ones as well. Oh, lots and lots of them.

Here's to life, fairness and TV shows! *cheers*


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