Tuesday, November 11, 2014

‘Elusive’ Round-up!


This isn’t a real time blog. If it were, I would have had flooded you with lots of ‘Elusiveness’. Let’s just say this is about a chanteuse—an Elusive Chanteuse.

There are so many things that happened in the past month and even the months before that past month. It’s been great despite a worrisome (hopefully) final semester. A family outing. My first trip abroad. My first-ever-VIP-concert-ticket-ever. A kind of back-to-back evening with Mariah Carey. A happy fangirl heart. And, everything in between.

The semester that was. It was a a rollercoaster ride. A lot of downs more than ups, academic-wise. The ups came mostly because I was excited about a news that was not yet news but I knew that it was going to be news. Heh.

‘Mariah Carey is coming back to Manila’. I had that coming. I just knew it. I knew it. She just can’t skip the Philippines, you know. So, yes, as a fan, I knew. Still, no announcements were made. Singapore had it first. ‘She is coming to Singapore’. Ahhh, the excitement! And, I was excited. The excitement, however, was halted by my dreadful last semester. Decisions had to be made. Darn, mid-terms had yet to come during those exciting times. Do I book now? Buy tickets? Or, do I wait for the final exam schedule? The ‘good student’ in me said, “Wait for the exam sched,” but the fangirl in me silently screamed, “BUY THE TICKET! VIP!!!”. lol. Yes, tell kuya to buy the ticket. Good thing, I have a brother who’s in SG. He bought 2. One for him. One for me. Haaaaa! Excited. Halted. Excited. Halted. Halted. Halted. Book a flight later.

Then came the Manila leg announcement. Ah, the announcement I knew even before it became one. Hahaha. Mark the date. October 28. It was a chance to see her again for the third time. (First was in 2003. Second, the SG leg of the Elusive Chanteuse Show. And, now, in Manila, after 11 years). Happy ‘lamb’! No VIP for me here though. 26K? What!!!! With that 26K, I could go to SG, get VIP tickets and a Gen Ad ticket for the MOA concert, which is exactly what I did. lol. I’m kind of practical in my own little way. Of course I would have wanted a front row seat in the Philippines but it would cost too much and my parents wouldn’t allow it. So, it was time to make these things happen—first trip abroad, visit my kuya and watch Mariah twice.

Time to book that SG flight. Oh, this was the worst part. I just had to be sure that the 24th of October is exam-blocked. You pay thousands for crying out loud. You have to be sure you’ll fly on that day. I needed to be sure, but in this life, you can’t be sure. The universe surely knows how to mess up with life. Still, I was hopeful. I knew that if ever there would be an exam, it would be scheduled in the morning. So, a flight in the afternoon was the best option. Decisions, decisions, decision. Hunted by it. Finally, the decision was made. To cut the long story short, with all the negativities and the Manila traffic, we managed to be at the airport an hour or two early before the flight. Yes, I had a final exam on that day as well. When that exam was over, I felt that excitement once again. “I am going to Singapore. I am going to see Mariah Carey live!” AAAAHHHHH!!!

Let’s just say, EVERYTHING was worth it. Worth the halt, halt, halt. Worth all the emotions and the mental stuffs.

Singapore was a lot of fun. I hate flying though.

Changi. Mariah. MRT. LRT. Bus. Taxi. Gardens by the Bay. Universal. Sentosa. Food. Family. Three days full of joy and love.


There were two exams left though. Excitement for the Manila leg, halted. It was an exam-concert-exam kind of thing. Head is spinning. Then again, I managed. It was quite a ride, those times. Quite a ride.

October, I enjoyed you. I enjoyed you a lot.

Family outing, Singapore Adventures and the Concert Reviews coming right at you in the coming days, weeks, or months. Expect a full review of the concert soon. I just enjoyed it a lot. A LOT. Mariah Carey will forever have the greatest voice ever! ♥


  1. Wooooohooo! There is a separate blog for the concert alone? I cannot wait to read that. Glad October was eventful for you. No Eleanor Rigby date for us still haha

    1. Yeah, there should be a separate entry for the concert alone but I'll probably merge the Singapore and 'Manila' concerts hahaha! I don't think I'd be able to 'write' it anytime soon. I hope I can! :) Yep, still waiting for Eleanor Rigby dates. lol. I hope we get to watch it in our local theaters soon! ;)