Thursday, February 06, 2014

The 'Unlikely' Ship


This needed to be done. MayWard. They have been bugging me since yesterday. lol. See, I have always been a shipper. Yep, I am a shipper. Always have been. And more importantly, my ships can be very very popular. Uhm, Mulder and Scully? Yes! The best OTP ever. MSR forever. ♡

Back to the MayWard ship. This is definitely not a 'popular' ship the way a 'popular ship' is defined. Well, that's the AoS fandom. I. DON'T. CARE. I just wish the other ships would learn how to respect this ship.

It seemed unlikely at first but anyone who actually keenly observed every scene that they were in would realize why it wasn't unlikely. It wasn't THAT obvious but there was something. I just had that feeling since the first episode. Yes, episode 1. I knew it could happen...and that it would eventually. Hey, maybe that's a ship radar or something. Haha! You can't deny the stares or looks, the 'interest' and hmmm the chemistry (in a different level). The chemistry isn't cheesy. They are definitely not there yet. Not yet. Maybe never. I have no idea where the writers would lead MayWard to. Nonetheless, their scenes together are squeeee-worthy. Definitely worth the fangirl speak. Ha! The sparring scene is a fave of mine! ♡

Melinda May is obviously my favorite Agents of Shield character. She's a bada$$. Tough and strong women characters on TV have always been a favorite. Grant Ward is a grower though. The more episodes I see, the more I like his character. Second fave, probably? I guess there's the character development,  in a way. And, the development kind of goes hand in hand with the ship. It's probably just me (or, not). Both cold (Melinda is waaaay cold-er 'tho) but I guess MayWard shippers see what others don't--that May and Ward understand each other like we don't and this can be seen in the looks they give each other and even when Ward said that only May knows what's in her mind or something to that effect. And with Episode 13, ahhhh, MayWard feels! Jealousy in the air lol.

I applaud the writers (for now) for this 'unlikely' ship. Kind of unique, really. Thank you Ming-na Wen and Brett Dalton for an awesome chemistry, on and off-screen!

Come on! ♥ MayWard.

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