Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Buzzing Bees!


They just keep on buzzing.

+ Just because you don't like his answer does not mean he's lying. Right, Mr. Senator? 

+ True, we kind of need a strong leader. That is, a strong and SANE leader. Enough with the bickering, Ms. Secretary and Mr. Mayor.

+ Oh please...with the 'this isn't news', 'nasan na ang PDAF, DAP?', 'mas mahalaga ba talaga ito kesa sa mga isyu ng bansa?'. Tama na ang pagpapanggap. Do you even care? Really? Sorry ha. Just because you don't like the news does not mean it isn't news. We just need to learn how to look beyond the people in the news, maybe we'll find the real issue(s). Diba?  Philippine Criminal Justice System is under scrutiny yet again.

+ I ship MayWard so hard! The haters can just BITE ME. lol.

+ This song is soooo good! It's a masterpiece. I love you, DMB! Dave Matthews is so gwapo (handsome) here! ♥

How I wish they'd bring the DMB2sets Show here in the Philippines. Dave Matthews Band Live In Manila. Someday, someday.

+ Midterm exam week next week. It will be like hell. And, it starts tomorrow--the studying, that is. I mean, today. When I wake up, all I could do is study, study, study, and pray. It will be the first longest week of the year. What to study? What to study? lol. Good luck. God Bless.

The buzzing has stopped.


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