Friday, January 31, 2014

The Lumia.


It’s been a month since my mom bought my new (now, the not so new) mobile phone, the Lumia 520. See, she and I had a deal. Mama actually had the idea—that if I had no failing grade(s) (which is ordinarily impossible in Law School) for the first semester, she’d buy me the phone I wanted. It was a clean sweep. Hence, the new phone.

So far, so good. I think I have found the phone that suits me. Ha! In fact, I am loving it. It’s affordable, cool and classy. (Got the best price! Php6,600+) And, it’s windows phone! It’s lovely. If only people would really give it a try. I really think it’s a cross between Apple and Android, only it is Windows (8, to be exact) and it’s Nokia. I have an Android phone too, btw. (Best of both worlds, eh?)


The high-end Lumia would have had better features/specifications, of course, but I am definitely fine with this one.  As long as I have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on my phone, it’s all good. I have a tablet for the games. lol. Maybe, I’ll have some games on this phone. We’ll see. I am not a heavy mobile internet user either. It’s probably one of the reasons why the battery could last for 3 days, which is great.

I have to further explore the phone’s features, programs and/or applications. The tiles layout is awesome! So far, the camera is great. It’s 5mp (better than the 2mp Samsung Galaxy Y I have haha). I have Microsoft Office. The photo editor is cool. Nokia Smart Cam is really nice. And oh, this has to be mentioned, I was able to transfer my contacts from my Blackberry phone to my Windows Phone with ease—bluetooth! It was that simple. Lumia has this ‘Transfer my Data’ feature that would allow you to transfer your data from your other phone to your windows phone through bluetooth, laptop, or desktop. It’s that easy! Here’s to further windows phone exploration. I hope this phone would live up to my ‘needs’. So far, it has. :)

In case you are thinking of making a switch or buying an additional phone, I’d recommend the Lumia. The 1020, maybe? That phone has the best camera from what I’ve read and heard. Haha. 520 is a good start though.

It’s all up to you.

Lots of phone in the market right now. Choose the phone you like and one which would suit you.

P.S. Weird observation, battery gets low fast in very cold temperature. At a normal temperature, battery lasts longer. Hmmm. (This happened once. Needs further observation/s haha)


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