Sunday, September 22, 2013

‘We can do better.’


The Newsroom (TNR) is one of those shows that just hits you. It challenges the way people think, the realities of life, human nature, their principles, morals, and beliefs, the media, the news itself, and the ‘self’. Best of all, it challenges us to be better. The pilot episode says it all. Will McAvoy’s rant/speech is simply powerful, inspiring and honest. Aaron Sorkin just gave us the reason why this show is worth watching. There, I said it. Boom!

The Newsroom Clip via YT user Larry Fritzlan

Current controversies triggered The Newsroom reference. In fact, entries re: politics have been scarce on my blog heh. I am definitely not disinterested. I am just too tired to dedicate a blog about my political views/rants. I’ll settle with 140 characters, for now.

I have yet express or openly share my opinion on Napoles, the ‘Pork Barrel Scam’, the alleged lawmakers involved or how it’s being handled. I’m not playing safe. It’s just that I am trying to see and understand the whole picture. I’m being cautious. I’m staying true to what I have been fighting against—the public is out for blood for the sake of it all—condemning people without knowing the whole story. That is my position.

It’s the “been there, done that” kind of thing. And, this is actually a media thing. Hence, the TNR reference.

A lot of you would say that everything about the world would still depend on the person. True. For me, however, it’s not entirely true. Deny is as much as you want, the media is a powerful tool that influences people. It always has been. Information is power. Power is information. You can’t make an informed decision when the information you are getting has been twisted/fixed to satisfy your taste, and vice versa. Apparently, the media has been guilty of this. They try not to, but they can’t seem to.

They have seen this before and even recognized the fact that they have done it before to the detriment of another (case in point ‘Juan Dela Cruz’, Hubert Webb, Paco Larrañaga, etc. etc.), but they continue to do it today—again, and again. This, for me, is unacceptable.

It’s nice that people are involved. We should be. Sometimes people just need to learn how to hold their horses. We are dealing with people who have rights too. We have the rule of law. Hindi lahat ng taong inaakusahan, naaakusahan, kinasuhan o nakakasuhan ay guilty na agad. Hinay-hinay lang din naman po tayo. (Not everyone who has been accused or charged of a wrongdoing is already guilty. Hold your horses, people.)

Let’s all take the high road. Be fair. Be vigilant.

With these, all I can say is, it’s not impossible.

5% more of anything makes a difference. | Clip via YT user pesman5

Idealistic as this may appear. This is reality in itself. We can do better.


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