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This is one of my very few entries that cannot be classified as a late post. Oh yeah, finally, an ‘on time’ post. Maybe it has something to do with Trance and the fact that I paid Php200.00 to see James McAvoy in a movie. Ha! Before I get into the movie and a somewhat informal review of the movie, let me just tell you how this came to be…

From ‘Coming Soon’ to ‘Now Showing’

First, let me say that 2013 is a James McAvoy kind of year in terms of movie releases. He already had two films released—Welcome to the Punch and Trance. There are at least two more movies which will come out this year—The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby and Filth. Since the first two films had limited releases in some parts of the world, my country (The Philippines) is lucky enough to have Trance in our local cinemas. I never thought it would be released here, but I am really glad that it was. The fact that it has been out for 2 weeks makes it even more amazing. I mean, who knew?!

Since I was not able to watch the movie during the first week, I told myself that I have to watch it this weekend with or without anyone. After all, this could be the film’s final week in our local theaters. Fortunately, I got to watch it today at Robinsons Galleria MOVIEWORLD. And, with a friend, April. Hooray! A semi-reunion of sorts considering we haven’t seen each other for quite some time, plus, there’s James McAvoy (there goes that connection again). Well, she was late (I had to, April. Hehe) but it’s all good—we were already seated when the movie started. No problem!

TRANCE – A Mini Review

TRANCE is a psychological thriller and that says a lot. As a fan of psychological thrillers, I enjoyed this film a lot.

Watching the trailer alone will not give you the whole picture. You may have an idea of what to expect but as soon as the story unfolds, the things you thought you knew/know or understood/understand are not what they appear to be. Except, of course, when the movie ends—you’ll know what everything was all about.

For instance, I thought Simon (James McAvoy) was a plain art thief, well, he was not. I mean, he’s more than that. The same goes with Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson’s characters. They are more than who I thought they were. Again, you need to watch the whole of it. Believe me, it is all worth it. Danny Boyle’s directing is enough reason to appreciate the movie. The acting is brilliant. James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson were all amazing. James McAvoy makes crazy look good. Uh, of course, he was kind of creepy and scary but in a very charming way. Heh.

This film managed to tackle art, theft, hypnosis, reality, nudity, crime, murder, violence, lies, deception, and everything in between for an hour and forty-five minutes or even less. So, if you’re a fan of these kinds of themes, you will probably like this film, or even love it, the way I did.

Kudos to the writers, directors, producers, the crew and the amazing cast!

FUEL – We need it.

Movie and food, they go together!

We had to grab some snacks after the movie. That’s a tradition. First, movie. Then, food. It is a simple formula. Filipinos love movies. And, WE LOVE TO EAT. Ha.

Yes, April and I had numerous topics to talk about—random topics are often the best topics—from movies to sports, to fandoms, to David Archuleta, to Harry Potter, to Twilight, to LIFE, to everything. A great moment! Hey, there’s a need to mention 'JJ’. April will definitely have a blog about this amazing event in her life. Yes! So, watch out for her blog entry about this momentous day ha. The day April had a photo opportunity with JJ. Sometimes, you just need a push. Glad, I could help, April. Haha. I’ll leave this topic to you.

Introducing the ‘messy’ burger and tasty fries by FUEL.

I must say, this is cheaper than Baconator but equally good. I think.

Jack Burger + Fries = Php165 | Iced Tea Lemon (s) = Php40



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