Sunday, May 26, 2013

Top 5: Mariah Carey Live Duets


Mariah Carey is one of the best artists you would want to do a duet with. The respect she gives when she sings with another artist is impeccable. A class act. This is one of the reasons why I love Mariah. It could also be the reason why some people would think some other divas are better than her. Well, let's just say she refuses to outshine fellow artists. Uhm, esp. when she does not need to. The 'need' is just not there. Mariah knows what duets are, the way a duet is defined. So much respect.

Counting down my top 5 favorite Mariah Carey live duets...

5. When You Believe (w/ Whitney Houston) - Oprah 1998

It was between the Oprah performance or the Oscar performance. Obvioulsy, I chose the former. This was the first--the very first live performance of the song and that was simply historical. Whitney and Mariah. Mariah and Whitney. In one stage, everyone. One stage. That says it all. I love the chemistry. A more relaxed performance compared to the Oscar performance, I think.

4. Hopelessly Devoted To You (w/ Olivia Newton-John) - Butterfly Tour 1998

Olivia Newton-John! This is fun and cute! They should have shown the full version of this duet. Haha. Classic! RARE performance. Definitely one of my favorites from the Butterfly Tour.

3. Chain of Fools (w/ Aretha Franklin) - Divas Live 1998

The Queen and The Queen ha. Unrehearsed or rehearsed, whatever! This is amazing!!! Mariah sings Aretha with Aretha. How cool is that?! This is a great moment in 'Divas Live' history! I don't think I've seen such great moment in recent 'Divas Live' shows, sorry.

2. With You I'm Born Again (w/ John Legend) - VH1 Save the Music 2005

The legend meets the goddess legend. The blending is just awesome. John Legend's voice + Mariah's voice = perfect combination. I love it! I just do. Come show me your kindness...Please sing When Christmas Comes live, you two!

1. Got To Be Real (w/ Patti LaBelle) - Patti LaBelle One Night Only 1998

I can't stop watching this! Haha. The godmother and the 'godchild' lol. You can't help but smile. I looooove it! Mariah and Patti--the friendship/mother-daughter/sister-sister relationship is REAL. It shows. Mariah's having fun. Patti's having fun. The joy they have when they perform together is undeniable. More of this, please! I seriously can't stop watching. Watch and you can't stop. Hahaha!

There are other live duets worth watching and those which I truly enjoyed, specifically the ones with Luther and Diana. I had to abide by the Top 5 rule. HA!

*I excluded the performances w/ Trey Lorenz because if I did not, the top 5 would be full of I'll Be There performances. Haha.

**Courtesy to the respective YT uploaders! Thank you for uploading these awesome videos!


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