Sunday, May 19, 2013

This is too random.


Hence, the title.

I had to—been wanting to post this. In fact, I have shared the first version of this a few minutes ago on Tumblr.  Now, it’s here. Too cute! This is a fun moment on American Idol. You’ll get it if you’re a fan of these two, which I AM. So, yeah, deal with it.


This is the episode where Randy and Nicki went on stage to ‘have a word’ with Jimmy (That’s one way to put it). Haha. Well, that left Keith and Mariah on the judges’ table and the rest as they say is history ‘bonding’ like their fellow judges on stage with Ryan and Jimmy. It’s just too cute. Plus, I kind of ship them on American Idol but not the way it is defined. I just like their chemistry. :)

In spite of the feud, the drama and everything in between, American Idol will always be my favorite reality-singing competition TV show. No such other show has come close. And, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban and Mariah Carey are my favorite American Idol judges! :) They are NOT self-proclaimed music experts. They are real musicians and true artists. They know who they are and the industry they are in. Some people may not appreciate them as musicians, artists or judges, but I do. And, that (for me) is all that matters.

*credit: Screencaps from MariahJournal | Photo edited by me. :)


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