Friday, April 12, 2013

This is music history!


The fact that I have not posted this here is unacceptable. Noel Gallagher and Blur in one stage--this, my friends, is music history!

I have been trying not to post music related entries considering that previous ones were directly or indirectly about music. Well, I guess, music speaks to me right now. Ha! 

This one's just too cool not to post. Sooo...screencap first! Haha.

I knew of the so-called feud between Oasis and Blur back in the 90s. Never in my life--nor did the fans--expected this to happen. I, certainly, did not. Well, it did! The rest as they say is, 'history'. Fans of both Oasis (in a way) and Blur, let us rejoice! Plus, this is TENDER--one of my favorite Blur songs ever. Hehe. I'm quite familiar with some of their songs ha and not pretending here. Not a diehard Blur fan, but I do love several songs of theirs. Great band!


Witness this AMAZING moment in music history.

Blur and Noel Gallagher.

Oasisnewsbrazil, thank you for sharing this on YT!
Love it! :)


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