Monday, April 01, 2013

Looking back.


This is not as deep as it would appear to be. It is simply a late post. 

The Midterm Bonanza!

Up To The Mountain is one of the best songs ever. I particularly love Crystal Bowersox's version of the song. She means what she sing. Crystal gives me the 'feels' of this song. Up To The Mountain definitely helped me a lot during the midterm exams. It was actually the only song for the midterm exam week. It definitely was. The song helped me get through all the stress, the negativities and the usual self-doubt. I did not necessarily pass every subject in the world, but it was certainly uplifiting--inspiring, to say the least.

Listen. Feel it. Be inspired.

Up To The Mountain is a song written and originally performed by the amazing Patty Griffin for the great Martin Luther King, Jr.

Truly inspiring.

End of a blogging era!

Posterous and Tabulas are about to shut down.

Tabulas has always been my personal blog. Now, it will all come to an end. I just wish the site administrators find a way to retrieve past posts and give us bloggers the 'backup' plan right away. Well yeah, my posts back then were 'meh' or even $ucked but still those posts were raw. It represented who I was and how I came to be as a person. Ha. It would be nice to look back at those posts and see how I express myself no matter how bad they were written. (Haha!) 

Posterous was quite the 'recent' discovery. I was looking for the best way to blog and I thought that the features Posterous offered were very compelling. Well, it was--kind of. The best: Autoposting. For me, it was the best feature. The photo uploads and the photo gallery feature were really good too. I should have retrieved some of the posts that have not been autoposted here soon enough.

For now, let's just say farewell to Posterous and the amazing Tabulas. They have 'multiplied'. Thank you!

The Reader.

Finally, I vow challenge myself to read 'books'.

I am definitely not a 'book' person. I read novels or short stories only when I am required to. I, however, seldom finish novels for book reports and all that. After all, there's the summary. Plus, I have research skills. Ha.

The books that I have read on their entirety are The X-Files episode guides, The X-Files related books, Chords of Strength, and Smaller and Smaller Circles.

The PanDigital Novel, however, changes everything. My aunt gave me that tablet as a gift for my birthday. Well, yeah. It was not the 'tablet' I envisioned to have, but I am very happy to have one. Ha. Now, I am telling myself to read some novels, short stories or other literary works--fiction or nonfiction, for a change. Set the law books aside sometimes ha.

I will probably start with Art Of War. Downloaded free e-books, including comins, from iTunes too. Heh. Some challenge, eh?


  1. Oh no. Why are they all "Multiply-ing"? haha I wish to have a longer relationship with my/our Blogspot, though. And true, I hope you get to retrieve your old posts. I'm yet to publish them all but it never fails to make me smile whenever I get to read my old ones.

    And good luck to your reading challenge! :)

    PS: I'm to see Sound City this weekend ;)

    1. Considering that Blogspot/Blogger is Google, we can expect a longer bloglife here. Haha! Hmmm. I'm not sure I'll be publishing all of my posts here when I get the chance to retrieve them all. Nakakahiya yung iba wahaha! Pero it's nice to read and laugh at myself hehehe!

      Re: reading challenge. lol. yeah, good luck to me. I set aside Art of War...I started reading 'The Accused' lol. Let's see if I can finish it haha.

      Re: Sound City. Hope you like as much as I did or even more than I did! Dave Grohl is a genius. For real. Music lovers would appreciate it, I think! Hehe!