Friday, April 05, 2013

For the nostalgia!


YouTube brings back memories. There are times when you just miss the good old days.


I have been watching this live performance of Butterfly since last night. I was once not a fan of this song but live performances often change everything. I guess you can truly appreciate the beauty of the song when you see and hear it live. Well, there are certain times when it does. Heh. It was this moment.

Mariah Carey's live performance of this song on The Late Show with David Letterman has always been one of my favorites (to be honest, most of her Letterman performances are in my book of favorites). Some might not appreciate the breathy technique but it suits the song so well. She just gives you the 'feels'. This was raw, intense and emotional. The vulnerability -- exceptional. I love the way she sang the verses, 'flourish' and 'courage'. You could just feel the emotion in the song. I can go 'Keith Urban' here and just be so passionate in expressing what I think and feel but I just can't. HA!

Let's just say that I have come to realize how great this song is and how it has become one of my favorite songs ever. Yes, not just by Mariah Carey, but includes all songs by my favorite artists.

Butterfly is definitely one of the best songs ever written.

Simple life.

I don't know why, but that Butterfly performance reminded me of the good old days--when life was simpler.

There's nothing wrong with  change. I have always been open to change. I love change. Innovations are good. Advancement in technology is a sign of progress. However, as society changed, people did--some, radically. We have become too dependent on technology. We have become lazy. We have too many 'reality' shows. We complain a lot and yet, we do nothing. We merely complain. We complicate things. WE. COMPLICATE. THINGS. *guilty*

Back then, we just simply lived our lives. We talked to real people. WE. TALKED. We read books, played in the streets (the safe side, of course) and watched MTV or Channel V--the real music channels that had music videos and not reality shows.

Life was simple.

It felt like it was. That's probably because I was young-er ha.

Ohh...there's that song by John Legend, It Don't Have To Change. Imagine that! I managed to squeeze in another song. Heh.

Here it is!

Do you rememberrrrr?


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