Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Beauty in Drama and Music.


The X-Files would definitely give you the creeps, the conspiracies, the science, and the paranormal. More than that, it gives you the beauty of drama. It's not just a science fiction series. It's more than that. This is why it is unique--you can explore the paranormal and at the same time maintain the character of a drama series. The X-Files is genuinely a magnificent work of art. This is why it has been a huge part of pop culture not only during the 90s, but up to now. It stood the test of time. This amazing show has the biggest fandom ever. This is not an exaggeration, it is a FACT. The X-Files Fandom is the mother of all fandoms. It is the spark that lit the fandom flame.

Way before these fandom videos took the YouTube stage, The X-Files fansites and message boards were everywhere. They were the life of the internet. The X-Philes began the fanvideo journey--most, of course, were shipper videos. You either stream the video directly using real player, quick time or windows media plugins. Indeed, YouTube was not in existence during those times, but the brilliant minds and the artistry behind these fan videos are undeniable.

Today, the brilliant mind and the artistry of these X-Philes are still unparalleled. Having captured and summed up The X-Files storyline so beautifully in fan videos just prove how great this fandom is and why it will always be relevant. But, what is to be admired most is how they have presented the drama and the Mulder/Scully story through their videos. If you have seen the videos, you will definitely know why. Below are two amazing videos that truly captured the beauty of The X-Files drama as well as the music from the point-of-view of the fans.

The Cancer Arc

The song and the clips used in this video is fantastic. This video was created by Lyle and it remains to be one of the best videos out there. You can't help but feel the emotions.

The Abduction Arc


This video captures so much sadness, but presents it so beautifully. Talk about death, friendship and love. The song simply makes this video more beautiful. Brilliant presentation from duchesscloverly!

The fan videos just gets better and better--just like a pro! There are out there. Be amazed. Be inspired


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