Monday, November 05, 2012

Now, I'm Free.


Finally, the break that we have all been waiting for is here! Yes, this was for the day before the long weekend. My blog posts do not occur in real time.

Final exams were officially over on October 30. That was the last hurrah of the semester. No, I am not looking forward to the second semester. Not just yet. It is not the time to think about law school, the grades, the exam results and those stuffs. Therefore, no law school talk for now (like I have actually been talking about it...Yeah, no. Not here.)

Just before the semester ended, I took some time to learn how to cook or simply assist our kasambahay--the Great Atse Naneng--in preparig and cooking our meals. It has been fun and fulfilling. Who would have thought? I only assist her most of the time--sometimes it's just plain 'moral support' (if she even needs one...haha). So, 'we' have cooked some dishes she does not often cook. Thus, it's something new. Thanks to 'Kusina Master'--the only show I watch on GMA7 (Ahahaha!). Here are the dishes we 'learned' how to cook:

Pan Fried Dory w/ Creamy Sauce
Spicy Pork Fry
And finally, the one which I had the chance to cook myself recently, since she was on vacation...Chicken Potato Balls!

They taste pretty good. Chicken Potato Balls is my favorite. Ok, that's it with cooking. I just loooove food, not necessarily cooking! ♥

With this vacation, I would be able to tweak this blog, watch and re-watch amazing series, and do things I could not do during school days. Speaking of tweaking, in case you are visiting this blog, you'll be noticing some changes in the coming hours or days. It depends on how often I would go online and work on it. :) 

Let it be a fun break! :)


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