Sunday, October 07, 2012

In reply to a question.


I don't think I need to explain myself nor do I owe anyone an explanation, but for the benefit of those who care so much or just 'don't get it', here you go...

The Question: Why cheer blue when you're a green? 
The 'Pilosopo' answer: Why not?

Yes, I earned my Political Science degree from DLSU-Manila. I studied and graduated from one of the best universities in the Philippines. True, I never cheered for the Green Archers until this season, provided, they are not up against Ateneo or UP (if the mood is to cheer for UP). All my life, I have been a fan of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Always.

The magic question will always be, "WHY?" It's simple. 

The not-so-good narration of facts.
I have three older brothers. When my 2 older brothers were in highschool, the eldest studied in Ateneo, while the other in La Salle Greenhills. To be honest, we (the family) spent most of the time in Ateneo when it came to school activities, parent-teacher dialogues, etc. etc. Ateneo was more of a community compared to LSGH. In a way, we got used to the Ateneo way. I know, LSGH is not DLSU, still, you get the idea. 

During that time, UAAP was not really a big deal. As far as I can remember, my Atenean brother did not care much about UAAP because Ateneo was not the team it is today. In other words, they were not a great team. They were struggling. DLSU and UST were, at that time, the teams to beat. I can still remember a game between DLSU and Ateneo--it was during Ritualo's time--when Ateneo was leading, but DLSU came back and eventually won the game. I was secretly cheering for Ateneo (elementary girl). I am an underdog person--most of the time. It's probably why I cheered for them. (laughs) Plus, the fact that the Ateneo community--the community my eldest brother was part of, was close to my heart as well (Milo best, free food, the gym, memories).

Fast forward to 2002. My Atenean brother was already a Maroon and at that time, my other brother (the youngest among my three older brothers) became an Atenean. The other, a Tiger. I was still in high school during that time. 2002 was my team. (laughs) My favorite Ateneo Blue Eagles team--Larry Fonacier, LA Tenorio, Wesley Gonzales, Enrico Villanueva. Classic 2002. I rooted so hard for this team. Then, came the finals. Just a side note, I hated DLSU's team back then--never liked that team. This is probably one of the reasons why I never cheered for them (until now). DLSU v. ADMU--the 'Fonacier blocks Cardona twice' play will forever be remembered. Game 1. It was their time. Ateneo won the Championship. I cheered. I got my Ateneo Championship shirt. I was a happy fan.

Fast forward to the college years...2003-2006. Never in my life did I expect to be an Archer. Green was my color. Did I choose to be green? No, it chose me. (laughs) Or, maybe it was just meant to be. I am thankful to DLSU. I will forever be. One thing I cannot make myself do is cheer for the university's basketball team. I cannot. I will not (esp. when it is Ateneo they are up against). Ateneo is my Utah Jazz, my New York Yankees, my Pete Sampras, my Rafael Nadal, my Purefoods. No one can tell me who to cheer or not to cheer. 

The Answer.

This is where preference comes in. I just prefer the Ateneo team compared to the De La Salle team. All my life (exclude the toddler and the very childhood years--haha) I have been a fan and have been rooting for Ateneo. Being a student of DLSU will not take that away. I separate the school from the sports team. It is how I see things. I cannot see the obligation or the duty to like something which I cannot. I love my school. I respect my school. However, I have a choice. I choose to support the team I have been supporting waaaay before I became green.

Let's be real here. Some people root for teams even though they're not from the place, the country or the people they represent. Some Filipinos cheer for Team USA, Spain, Argentina in basketball, football, baseball etc. Non-LA residents either cheer for the Lakers or the Clippers. I have seen some people from Boston cheering for the Yankees. I have seen Ateneans cheering for DLSU. I mean, it's normal.

I root for the UP Pep Squad too, btw. (Haha!)

It is as simple as that.

Stick to your guns. Let no one dictate you.



  1. Now I am kind of enlightened why your page is.... in blue. Hehehe. Oh, you forgot to mention rooting for PP too! haha and it's alright. We all have our preferences and it should be respected. ;-)

    1. Hahaha! I really love blue! Hehe! It's my favorite color. :) Yeah!