Friday, August 10, 2012

From the serious to the not-so-serious, to the fun facts!


Ohhh, a blog activity!

So, I was told I have been tagged and it is quite a challenge--a fun challenge, that is! Well, at least this blog will cease to be boring. (laughs) For now. Special thanks to Layla for tagging me and allowing me to dig deep and share with you some random facts about me--weird, boring, intriguing and just some facts so random you would not expect from me! Ahh-ha. 

The magic number is six. I would have to stick with it.

Let us begin!

1. I have watched the SCREAM movies multiple times.

'Multiple' is probably the right adjective. I have no idea how many times I have seen the trilogy. It's definitely more than 50. For the record though, I am not a psycho. (laughs) The Scream franchise is just too awesome not to appreciate. It's genius, a work of art. It is pop culture. Slasher movies boomed because of Scream. I know the script by heart as well! (Sumasabay sa nagsasalita habang nanonood. lol) It was my first movie craze. I have the VHS, VCDs and of course, the DVD. SCRE4M is catching up. I've seen it more than 4 times already, hence, multiple--thanks to Star Movies.

2. When every teenager was watching Dawson's Creek, I was watching Michael Hayes/The Pretender/Harsh Realm/Millennium.

In other words, when I was 13 and every teenager I know (even my older brothers) was watching Dawson's Creek, I was not. As far as I can remember, this show was on a Monday and The X-Files was on a Monday in a different channel, although at a different time. There was no way I'd miss the first few minutes of the show (considering Filipino time). Thus, I had to watch the 8-9pm show on RPN 9 whatever that show was and I am thankful for that. These shows--Michael Hayes, The Pretender, Harsh Realm and Millennium are great shows. I prefer TV shows with the 18-40+ demographic. Buffy, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Felicity were the few shows which had the teen demographic I watched back then. Heh.

3. I don't drink softdrinks.

The carbonated drinks? Coke, Sprite, Royal, etc.? A NO, NO. Tried coca-cola when I was much younger, but all I can remember is it tastes/ed bitter which is weird. (Haha) That was probably the only time I drank (tasted, actually) such drink. Never again! :)

4. My dream job is to be an FBI Agent.

Having learned the qualifications as provided in the FBI website, I have come to accept that it is simply that, a dream--nothing more. (I lack U.S. Citizenship, lol). Of course, it's about The X-Files! Haha. It has/had to be. It's cool.

Might as well include Forensic Pathologist. It's still possible--if my mind can still take it. Medicine after Law? Well, why not?! Impossible is nothing. In all honesty though, I think law is my path. God led me here. Still, the dream will always be there.

5. I have always believed that Hubert Webb was/is innocent.

Photo from JFHW
Way back 1999 to early 2000, when I was in first year high school, the Webb case, or the so-called Vizconde Massacre, was a hot topic. As far I can remember, it was the time the trial court was to render a decision. I was young, but was aware of what was happening and what have been said in the media and everywhere else, but I stood my ground--always believed in his innocence and this became the primary reason why I am in law school. Innocent people wronged by the system--that's something! They, too, have the right to justice. When he was acquitted on December 14, 2010, I was so happy that finally, someone listened. It was a defining moment. (Still not able to write about it, but I hope someday I could do it...I have been wanting write about it though).

6. I have three brothers, no sister. I am the youngest...and I am a fangirl but I don't look or act like it.

Aha! Three boys and a girl. My parents get a lot of 'that's lucky!' comments. There might be some truth to that. It's nice having three older brothers. Lots of He-Man, Skeletor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys. Those toys are gone now but my barbie dolls still exist--the last toys standing! (Hahaha!)

This last fact, hmm, seems like all sorts of things ha. Let's make the connection. Since I have brothers and no sister, I am not used to being a fangirl as it is normally defined. I don't squee nor do I do those fangirl screams. However, I do fangirl when I am online. Let the words/emoticons do the talking and acting. Haha. Get it?

For now, let us settle with these six random facts about me--from the serious to the not-so-serious, to the fun facts. Appreciate! :)

And now, it's time to spread this activity. Consider yourselves tagged! :)
Hope you appreciate this blog activity ha. :)

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  1. I came across this again and... haha I don't know if I'll repost mine since I have a Blogger account too now. Anyway, I love yours, ate. :) and a nice new (still) blue look for your page!

    1. Hahaha! :) Post post post! Hihihi!

      Something's wrong if ain't blue! :)) If not blue, maybe black. haha! :)

    2. I didn't follow any rule. hahaha but yes, I'll tell you when it is up :)