Friday, July 13, 2012

Nice and quiet.


This is a nice and quiet place but at the same time it is deafening. Nothing important to write about. It is just something I would like to blog about.

Take me to a place nice and quiet. Definitely, it's not Tax. It is not even a place. Haha. Oh well. The only way to focus is to take away the distraction(s). A beautiful distraction, that is.

Rambling Rundown #1.

This is a reason why one should not miss the American Idol Live Tour 2012. NICE AND SLOW, PHILLIP PHILLIPS. Nice and slow. See for yourself. Watch this video.

Video credit:

A great video of an amazing performance. I love how he sings with so much soul and passion. Huge fan. See you in September!

Rambling Rundown #2.

Inspiring professors are inspiring. Good thing is, there are more of them. :) A disheartening professor is a mere dissenting voice in your head. He is a challenge you can overcome. It is as simple as that--the life of every student.

Rambling Rundown #3.

The fangirl heart. Let's go to New York City!!! James McAvoy is in New York! It's The Disappeance of Eleanor Rigby. What more can you ask? Wishing I was there. Hahaha! Yeah, the fangirl heart is speaking. Boom!

Definitely a rambling rambling. And, yes, the 'association' is there, but who cares? This is the real James McAvoy I am talking about. He is 5'7. I am 5'7. No height problem there. New York City! Relying on pictures and videos. Haha.

Welcome to the Punch trailer now, please. It will be a FIX.

Rambling Rundown #4.

It's not just about James McAvoy. It's about the 'association'. Yeah, it's like the word association. You call this the mother of all ramblings.

Let's leave it at that.

The American League losing in the All Star Game. Dreadful loss. 8-0. Seriously, AL? That's just bad. Real bad.

Now, the focus. Tax.


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