Sunday, July 01, 2012

'Gimme the love of an orchestra'!


Instead of flooding Facebook with YouTube videos, I will be sharing these amazing live performances of Noah and the Whale here--just in case you come across my lovely blog (laughs). Some of you might have heard of, or even know the band called Noah and the Whale. Pretty cool and definitely amazing. I will be writing a more decent entry about them soon, or not.

Right now, let's just deal with these performances and of course, their amazing music. 

This is A+MAZING! The violin solo, the lyrics, the emotion--everything about this song is brilliant. The First Days of Spring is one of my favorite songs from this band. This performance is flawless!

Yes, gimme the love of an orchestra! <3 You have got to love the orchestra.

And of course, my most favorite song from Noah and the Whale. The song which led me to their other songs...BLUE SKIES.

The Descendants led me here moment. Learned of this band because of the movie's trailer, and for that, I will forever be grateful. Haha! :)

I just love the instrumentals. BEAUTIFUL.

If you like what you are hearing/watching, or what you heard/watched, visit this channel: WhaleAndTheNoah -or- simply visit The Official Noah and The Whale YT Channel.


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