Thursday, June 14, 2012

Music: HALINA | Malay


This is Original Pilipino Music--the way "original" is defined.

Halina is my favorite song by Malay. I knew of Pochoy Labog as the vocalist of Dicta License. Now, he has a new band called Malay. Pretty amazing band!

When you feel like OPM is slowly dying...then you see bands like this, believe me, there are a lot out there...It gives us hope that there's still room for the real OPM.
Support local artists!

Aaand, a special treat from Malay! They have some songs up for free download! Simply visit, and click 'FREE DOWNLOAD YOUR YEAR SONGS'.

Enjoy amazing music from this Filipino band! :)


PS: Also, check out my brother's band, astrojuan on soundcloud! Support Filipino bands! Support OPM!


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