Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Mind Museum!


Welcome to The Mind Museum. Here's a peek of what you can see inside.

The Mind Museum - Taguig City | June 9, 2012

Life, science, earth, evolution, dinosaurs, technology, and so much more!

Fun day with family! :)

I have seen photos of museums and things that can be found inside but I have never been in one until now. This was my first time to be in a museum. June 9, you will forever be remembered as the day I was in a museum. Yes, The Philippines' own. Next time, the National museum, yes? Haha.

The Mind Museum is worth it (time-wise), but I wish they could lower the fees--it is quite expensive not unless you are covered by the discounts.

Zippity Zappity Zap!

This is The Mind Museum.


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