Friday, May 18, 2012

Top 5: Mariah Carey Videos.


Finally came up with a list of my favorite Mariah Carey videos. Quite a number to choose from. True, just like other artists out there, there are hits and misses. (giggles) Rest assured, these videos are "hits".  That is, awesome videos of her amazing songs. Believe me, there are a lot.


5. Hero

Classic Mariah. Releasing a great live performance of a song as an official video is a thumbs up! It captures everything--the artist's greatness, the feeling of the song, the emotion, the crowd, the reception. Everything. This video has that. This performance of Hero is simply amazing. Stellar live performance. Captivating. That guy's reaction? Priceless.

4. Always Be My Baby 

It goes with the song. Such a fun, light and simple video. This is how you use a "swing". I don't know but I just love this video. Fun fun fun yet somber in a way. You'll get it. It's a lamb thing!

3. We Belong Together

Wentworth Miller. Worth it. Seriously though, I think this video is her best among the 00's videos. Mr. Ratner did pretty well with this one. Loved the concept, the emotion, and the directing. Yet another "it goes with the song" video. It cannot be denied--the song is brilliant and the video is worth watching. Favorite part: the feeling that I'm feeling now I don't hear your voice...(Well done, Mimi!)

2. Breakdown 

One of Mariah Carey's best songs ever and definitely one of her best videos. Something to do with the Vegas effect? Costumes? Bone Thugs? Yeah, maybe. I mean, it worked. The song is amazing. The video is cool to watch. Glamorous yet subtle. I am not sure how you'd reconcile it but it is what it is.

1. Honey

Honey is my most favorite Mariah Carey video of all time! Mariah's vision is unparalleled. This video has it all--the concept, the story line, the acting, the action, the 'leading' man, the Bond effect, the statement--everything. Total video. When it's brilliant, sometimes, it's all that you can say. This video is as such. Kudos to Paul Hunter! 

Well, this concludes the Top 5.

Thoughts, anyone?


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