Friday, April 13, 2012

Top 5: American Idol Auditions.


You probably know by now that I have a number of blogs and you've seen similar posts from these blogs. Now, I aim to make each blog unique despite its parallels. This is a blogger exclusive, the Top 5s. 10 is too much and I might not reach the number. So, let's stick with 5. Top 5 of anything--favorite movies, artists, series and just other random stuffs. I'll take suggestions when I ran out of ideas. (laughs)

Since I am in the American Idol zone right now, let's have my top 5 favorite American Idol auditions. American Idol was not shown on this side of the world 'til Season 3. With this reason, I'll be considering auditions from Season 3 up to the present only. Most of the auditions that made it to my top 5 came from my favorites--the so-called instant favorites. 

Let us begin.

5. Chris Medina (Season 10)

Chris Medina was not my favorite last season but he delivered a great audition. Yes, it has all the drama but I don't think it would make his audition less great if you take out the drama. This says it all, memorable.

4. David Archuleta (Season 7)