Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's baseball season!


It's MLB season once again. Opening week was not what people expected. The usual top teams, New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have been losing games. Who would have thought, right? I was surprised, to say the least. Yankees losing 3 games (0-3), what is happening? (laughs) Then, the wins came. The series at Baltimore, particularly the 2 games I was able to catch. The 4-4 games--those were great games. The one ended in the 12th inning with the Yankees winning, 5-4; and the other in the 10th inning with the Yankees also winning, 6-4. Yes, the Yankees came back. As to the BoSox, well, I'm not particularly inclined with the rival. I still wish them the best this season, though.

2012, I would love to see the Yankees win the world series this season. It would mean a lot. I am also hoping for a great season for Derek Jeter. This guy, my favorite of all time--total package. MVP would be good but a ring would be great and I think he'd prefer the latter. Why not have both, right? :)

Go Jeter! Let's Go Yankees!

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