Monday, April 09, 2012

Holy Thursday.


April 5, 2012 - Visita Iglesia

Stations of the Cross? 14.  Churches/chapels visited? 7.

They say it should have been 14. Well, that's them, not us. This is being practical. (I am of the opinion that it won't make me less Catholic when I visit only 7--laughs) It is, after all, about FAITH.

When we were much younger, we spend the holy week in the province. Holy Thursday was about the procession--the "libot" ("Tremble, tremble..."). That was the tradition. Now, times have changed. Holy Thursday has been about the churches, the stations of the cross, our prayers and Jesus. There are, however, some things which remain the same. Good Friday is the "mass" day. Black Saturday seems to be the rest day or the free day while Easter Sunday is, of course, Easter Sunday.

It is about FAITH. It is, but not entirely. We have the tradition and the culture. It is how holy week is in the Philippines. It is what we have been used to. Well, that's just me. Certainly, people do know and understand why we, Catholics, have this holy week but there are those who have different views on this. I do know and understand it too. A different view as to "why"? Well, not really. I'm just used to it. And, to be honest, it is about my faith. I do not really care about the rituals or those religious terminologies. I am just not as deep as some people are about Catholicism. I do not equate my faith with my religion. (Not that I am saying that some people do--I don't care, really).

Everything about the holy week is actually interesting. The fact that we talk about the Bible, religion, God, Jesus and faith gives us certain realizations. In the end, we still have the faith we so dearly hold. It might be a controversial topic but when you talk about it with family and relatives, it is actually fun and enlightening. You should try it if you haven't.

Random: Why is Good Friday called "Good" Friday? Why not Holy Friday?

Btw, we have awesome churches/chapels in the Philippines! :)


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