Friday, April 20, 2012

'U Got It Bad' was soooo good that it's not even 'bad'.


If that title even makes sense...

Phillip Phillips'd it!

There is no doubt that Phillip Phillips is my favorite 'Idol' this season. I have been a fan since Day 1--the audition, that is. Every week, he has been consistently great. Well, of course they had to throw him under the bus somehow (not this week, of course), to challenge him even more. I believe a lot of people appreciate his style, passion and soul. His music, I can't wait for everyone to hear. I've heard one original song and for sure, the rest will be awesome.

This week, I just can't seem to get over his cover of U Got It Bad. Not a fan of Usher but I do appreciate his music. Phillip Phillips just made this song his own as he always does but there's just something about this which makes it different. He made this R&B song bluesy at the same time soulful and current. The musicianship, the artistry, it is undeniable. One of the best this season. Definitely. Maybe not the vocal pipes some people are looking for but when you talk about being a true artist, Phillip Phillips is D' Man!

My favorite part, 1:11-1:21. The way he sang the lyrics, just brilliant. FULL OF BRILLIANCE. Feel the song, the soul, the passion. He delivers everything so perfectly. The studio version is FULL OF WIN as well. 'Full of win' seems to be my phrase of the week. It just is. U GOT IT BAD IS FULL OF WIN. You may download the studio version on iTunes. In the Midnight Hour was a great performance too. The dance is priceless.

Purchase the studio versions on iTunes!

iTunes link: U Got It Bad | In the Midnight Hour


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