Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The 28th of March.


It's all about the cakes.

A year older. Perceptions have changed.

Life might have become more difficult today but I have become more idealistic than ever. It used to be about what it is and how it is. It was never about what it should be and how it could be. That has changed. I refuse to believe that we are unable to resist misdeeds, corruption and everything that is evil. We can. We are capable of it. We will.  I believe in goodness. I believe that people can make the world a better place. Idealism exists because it is possible. It was never about simply going with the flow--with what we have now. It is about making it better. I believe it still.

I am tired of "in reality", "it is what it is", "in the end, you'll be consumed by it". Well, I would not succumb to it. They say, you should never be part of something which would eventually turn you against your principles and morals. Well, people will be consumed by it because they allow the system to consume them. Then again, it is not about the system. It is the people who allow this current system of ours to make them who they are now. Cliche' as it may sound, the only solution is to stop settling with what it is and how it is. How can you change the life you so hate when you yourself settles with it? Yes, it is easier said than done but it can be done. It can be.

I do believe that what can be imagined can be achieved. If people have done and continues to make innovations and so many things for science, medicine, technology and all that, then it seems logical that the world can be a better place in terms of life and the system we are in.

Our history says it happened. It can happen. It will happen. We all just need to "man up"!

Yes, all these because I am a year older.


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