Sunday, March 18, 2012

Icons/Avatars: Phillip Phillips & Heejun Han, The Bromance.


Not trying to mislead you or anything, but these can be considered as such--the 200x200px kind of Icons/Avatars. 

Meet Phillip Phillips and Heejun Han. For those who have no idea who they are, better watch American Idol. :)

Their friendship or as what people call, "bromance", is one of the best things that ever happened on American Idol. No kidding. I am dead serious.

Just so you know, Phillip Phillips is my American Idol this season. Heejun Han is one of my favorites too--has great personality and all that. He can sing as well. Talk about talent and personality.

Feel free to use these, but do not forget to credit--a simple thank you would do! Hope you appreciate the effort. I am no pro. I am simply a fan "trying" to be creative. Hope these are creative enough. 

Indeed, there are a lot of photos out there capturing great moments from these guys. Uhm, just check out their Twitter photos! They are too funny and quirky. Need I say more?

I will try to work on more photos. Enjoy these ones first!


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