Sunday, March 04, 2012

The great thing about YouTube.


There is no question that YouTube has been a great entertainment platform. We have funny videos, short films, amazing documentaries, and music videos, to name a few. More than these, however, we get to discover amazing musicians, live performances and future music legends. Well, that's just how I see it.

Music--this is one of the greatest things about YouTube. It is not about the site per se, but what the site brings. You "discover". You get acquainted. Tonight, it's about music, live performances and an amazing way to treasure a great experience.

To Build A Home is one of the songs that I learned about through a fan video. (It's a video involving the 3rd X-Files Movie. It is a Mulder/Scully fan video. Philes can be very very creative and that video is a testament to their creativity.) Simply a brilliant song. Epic live performance.

Blue Skies. Some of you might have heard or know of this song by Noah and The Whale. Certainly, this is my favorite song from them. Heard this song through The Descendants trailer. 3:10 onwards is EPIC. The instruments. The music. It's beautiful!

These Days. People know who the Foo Fighters are. This video is amazing because it captured a great event--Australia/New Zealand tour. It was such a great rock show that it even caused geological tremors in Auckland. How cool is that! The video is timely since the March 2 Singapore concert got canceled. And, all I can do is watch a Foo show on YouTube. HA! Well, at least. So, check out this video. It's awesome!

YouTube is fun, indeed.


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