Friday, February 10, 2012

Malacañang is not making sense at all!


Sec. Lacierda is at it again--not making sense at all. This Impeachment Trial drama has been really disappointing. The Prosecution is simply fishing and Malacañang making stupid challenges. They are not making sense at all.

So sick and tired of the "if he's not hiding anything" logic crap. There is no logic in it. What are the legal remedies for, then? Just because a person is exercising his right to defend himself from these people's persecution does not mean he is hiding something. And, to say that the Supreme Court has no power of review or jurisdiction over the Impeachment court? Wow. Is he rewriting the 1987 Philippine Constitution?

Come on, if people were to choose between Fr. Bernas and Sec. Lacierda as to the interpretation of the Constitution, Fr. Bernas will win hands down. No question. No contest.

End this madness! Break this yellow spell!

The truth will come to you, sooner than you think.

Stick that on your power cord!


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