Friday, February 24, 2012

Foo Fighters cancel Singapore Concert


There is no question that one of the best news early this year came from the Foo Fighters. After announcing that they will be holding a rock show at The Padang in Singapore on March 2, 2012--their only rock show in Southeast Asia, Foo fans all over the region bought concert tickets, booked flights and hotel accomodations. It was a show a fan would not want to miss. It is THE Foo Fighters after all. There was no room for doubt--Foo Fighters in Singapore. "I have to be there." "I will be there." 

Then, the unexpected happened.

Today, hearts were broken. The worst news a fan could ever imagine--the cancellation of what would have been an EPIC event. Foo Fighters had to cancel their March 2 show at The Padang. Also, dates on this leg of the tour might be affected. The cancellation is due to frontman Dave Grohl's medical condition. The band has issued this statement:
"We deeply regret having to cancel. It wasn't an easy decision by any stretch but after carefully considering medical advice, we felt we had no choice. Dave's been told by more than one doctor that he has to take it easy on his voice. We hate to disappoint our fans in Singapore and hope you'll all understand and that we'll see you all in the not too distant future."
Here's the official statement from Chugg and Lushington Entertainments:
Please take note of the refund dates. Yes, there will be refunds for the concert tickets. Full details HERE.

Plane tickets, hotel accomodations--money down the drain. Oh, well. That's life! Looking forward to new tour dates. Please include The Philippines! Please.

This might not be our time to see the Foo Fighters in concert but hey, by the time Dave Grohl gets well, Southeast Asia will be ready for the Foos. Always.

With that, let us settle with You Tube videos and Concert DVDs, for now. We will be waiting for you, Foo Fighters!

Get well soon, Dave Grohl!


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