Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Know your candidates.


The Philippine Mid-term Election is coming, have you decided who to vote for? It seems a lot of people right now have not completed their top 12 Senators yet. It really is hard to decide particularly when we have few Senatorial candidates who could be trusted to do their job. So, who are on your list?

There are only four senators on my list. Yes, four. And, I don’t think I plan to complete the slate. I’d rather vote for those four candidates than filling it all up with names who are completely mediocre or incompetent.

Why would some people have this difficulty? My guess: as time passed by, more and more politicians or people think that they can win even without a track record. It's simple--as long as they’re popular and with a well-known family name, that’s it. Time really has changed. Or, maybe it has always been that way–based on popularity and family association. Yet, the people elected back then–either through popularity or family association–were really competent. Issues were properly taken and even resolved. Where are all the Salongas, the Dioknos, the Aquinos and the Marcoses of that time? Sure, we see these familiar surnames, but is their generation good enough?

Our Senators and Representatives have stopped being public servants. Most of them think of themselves while others allow others to think for themselves. Sometimes, well, most of the time, they won’t even think at all. As long as it’s their welfare they are talking about, they’ll be fine with it. They really don’t care about the people and the country’s welfare.

However, not all of them think that way. We do have Senators, Representatives, and other local government officials that really serve the country and her people well. They are public servants. We need people like them. We may not know ALL of them but we may have an idea of who these people are. We have several candidates who are public servants. The best way here is to know who they are. How? KNOW them. Don’t based it on the media or what other people say. Look at their track record, their background, their platform and their agenda. Don’t be fooled by their promises, their political ads, their smiles or whatever. It’s difficult, but it can be done. Know the person who you’ll vote for. Know who they really are and whether or not they are the best one to serve us all.


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