Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What was he thinking?!


Manny Pacquiao has been on the news for several weeks now and it doesn’t involve boxing. It’s all about his Congressional bid. He has aready decided to run for congress as a Representative of his district in General Santos City. He’ll be up against Representative Darlene Antonino-Custodio.

If there is something that he could be doing which is a mistake, it would be this decision. He keeps on saying that he wants to help people. But come on, he has done that already! And, he can even do more even without him being in the government.

This is not about his educational background. Rather, it’s about being a puppet of you-know-who. For sure, someone’s involved in this. Manny Pacquiao is Manny Pacquiao--the “great” boxer. He is no politico. Politics would only destroy him. Did he not think about that?

It’s time to change something. Vote for people not based on personality or popularity. Vote for people not based on trying to prove something. Vote for them based on what they can do to serve the country the best possible way.

I am not saying Pacman is incapable of doing such a thing. I am sure he is, but his experience as a LAWMAKER is questionable–highly questionable. He’s been a boxer most of his life and if he wants to help people as he say he wants, he can do that even if he’s not a Congressman. He’s been helping people already.

I just hope that his decision is not a decision by someone who just intends to destroy everything about this country. I hope he would think about it and voters in that district should think about it as well.


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