Thursday, April 17, 2014

From Mars to Venus

And it continues...

Haaaaa! David and Gillian continue to keep our hearts so happy. ♥

Awww, she hearts Mulder!
Like David, does she really mean Mulder, or David? lol. Either way, the shippers are very, very happy. Soooo happy. (Such trolls! lol)

The doodle.

Lovely Gillian and her doodles. It's definitely one of the best she's done.  Says a lot. HA!
How cute is that!

The internet explodes EVERY TIME. WOW.


David agrees. Well doodled, G woman. ♥

They can just go on and on and on. It will be awesome! The best twitter conversations out there will come from these two amazing people. Gillian Anderson. David Duchovny. Dana Scully. Fox Mulder.

Well done, well done indeed.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When Mulder and Scully tweet each other

It's everything!

The tease.
Oh, David. We all heart Scully. I wonder if he really meant Scully, or Gillian. Haha. Either way, we heart them both. lol. And, David too, of course.

The minimalist.

A simple "Hi David." says it all. It's when two words are just enough to make great chaos. lol. The Philes are out there. We can be very rabid. NBC said so, but we don't need their 'approval', it's a fact. Haaaaaa!

And the twitterverse explodes!

"Mulder, it's me."
"Hey, Scully. It's me."
"Hi Gillian."
"Hi David."

'Sure. Fine. Whatever.'


Monday, April 7, 2014


+ To watch or not to watch?

I watch a lot of TV shows. Hence, it's all I've been doing since summer vacation started. I regret nothing, but I think I need a break from it--just for the rest of the night. And, just blog about the little thoughts I have right now...before I forget them. Haaaaa!

+ I'm not creative enough. Or, I'm probably just lazy. Nah, I am lazy. I hope I get to push myself to do more of the creative stuffs I used to do no matter how ugly they are.

+ I wish John Legend would sing "It Don't Have To Change" more live. It's a great song and it brings back amazing memories. Oh, the nostalgia.

+ Well, I've read or heard somewhere that when you become reminiscent of the past--the happy moments, just the nostalgia, it is said that you are one unhappy person. Hmmm. I'm not sure if I fully agree. Somewhat, maybe. There's no scientific proof to such claim! Heh.

+ weheartit seems cool. Yeah, it's the first REAL step to share things I'd want to share in a different point of view--more personal and more private. Photos and random blurbs through photos ha. :)

+ For a change, it's a 'no photo', 'no video' entry.

Friday, March 28, 2014


The last day of the school year happens to fall on my birthday. Uh, hooray but not hooray! Haha! There’s still that one final push. Here’s to the last final exam and a happy, happy birthday!


A late birthday dinner with family and a lovely cake at our simple home. Haha. Thank you, Lord for all the blessings you’ve given us! Happy Birthday, Me!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Possibility.

I never thought it could happen, but it did. This is an academic blessing. Thank you, Lord! Thank you, family (esp. my mama). Thank you, friends. The previous sem was my best sem, obviously. 

This is the first time and I know that it could be the last. Fourth year is just full of impossibilities. Sure, we cannot deny the possibilities, but this sem, so far, has been very challenging. I won't even dream of being part of the honor roll again haha. I just want to finish law school by the end of the year (October 2014). Hopefully, I could. 

If not, I still have the March 2015 option. There's always a backup plan. We're getting there.

In law school, I've learned that the beginning and the end have always been the toughest. I survived the beginning. It's time to face the end.