Friday, February 05, 2016

Answers in Unexpected Places


Wise words from a T-shirt | H&M
Apparently, those words came from the song Fix You by Coldplay. Forgive me for not knowing. I rarely listen to Coldplay. At least I got something from it. It's another way of saying, "face your damn fears". All the questions I had in mind last night were answered by a shirt I saw at H&M, Gateway Branch. Haaaa! It's probably the first in-your-face sign that I got from Him. That was literally an  in-your-face moment, and it was in a mall! Funny how He works sometimes.

That's not all!

Music provides answers too.

I've been listening to a song by Phillip Phillips. It's called Midnight Sun, from the album Behind the Light. It's one of my favorites. The lyrics speak to me, especially now. It made me remember my life as a law student, a bar reviewee and a bar examinee--how it was like and how I really enjoyed it no matter how difficult it really had been. Best of all, it reminded me why I chose to take this path. It's the "remember the why" moment again. It certainly helped a lot. Like Mulder, this brought my confidence back.

Thanks to Flipagram, here's a minute of Midnight Sun and a glimpse of my law school years, bar review months, bar examination days, and the aftermath.

Midnight Sun is also my Song of the Week because clearly it's my most played song and one which really means a lot to me right now. Thank you, Phillip Phillips and co. for writing this inspiring song! ;-)

In case you're are the relevant lyrics from the song...

There's a storm ahead
I see it all around me
I feel it in the air
Shake the ground beneath my feet
And I know it's all a part of me
Did you make a plan
Just to watch it crumble
Now you see yourself
In a mirror that you cannot clean
And it's all a part of you
Oh my friend
Look how time has changed
The cracks in our skin
Oh my friend
Let go of the fear that's inside your head
So stay strong live on
And chase the midnight sun
Full lyrics HERE

Clearly, I'm on my way to chase the midnight sun! ♥

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Want v. Can: Life, Uncertainties and Fears


There's a big difference between "What I Want to Do" and "What I Can Do". I'm in a phase of my life where I simply am not sure of what to do. Heck, I don't even know what to do. Do I look for a "firm" job, an "office" job, or do I start the "litigation" training?

You know what I'm sure of? I am confused as hell.

It seems like the waiting stage is much more excruciating than the reviewing stage. It's so confusing that self-doubt comes into the picture. That's my worst enemy right now. Self-doubt. It is the worst!

What I want to do is to practice my profession like what I have dreamed of--litigation. Be a trial lawyer, the best trial lawyer. Then, self-doubt comes in. Fear, too. Can I do it? In all honesty, I don't know. Do I see myself as a trial lawyer? In my dreams, yes. In real life, not really. Maybe. There's always that maybe. That maybe gives me hope.

See, there's a part of me that says, "hell yes" and there's that other part of me that says, "you'll quit". To whom do I listen? The idealistic dreamer or the realist? I CHOOSE.

Ah, yes. I, the confused one, should choose. Life, huh.

Fear and reality. Maybe what I want to do is not what I can do. And, what I can do is not what I want to do. The only way to find out is when I have grabbed the opportunity do what I want to do or what I can do. Grab the opportunity that comes first and when it does not work out, take the other path. It's as simple as that. Nope, nope, nope. Then again, that's life.

Or, we can always learn to love something we thought we couldn't, right? Maybe, just maybe. Choose the easier path and make the most out of it and not be happy, or be happy. The thing is, you'll never know unless you're there--living that life.

The more important question, however, is...does opportunity come or do we look for it? Will I receive a call or an e-mail for an interview? Or, do I go out there and personally apply? Or maybe, do both? Real life demands more. So, do more. Be the person you want to be. Be you.

All I can tell myself is, welcome to the real world!

Face your damn fears.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

TV REVIEW: The X-Files - "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster"


Photo credit @thexfiles

Critics have been raving about 'Were-Monster' for weeks and now, I know why. This Darin Morgan penned episode was funny, deep and moving. It really, really is funny. Truly hilarious! More importantly, it had a touch of philosophy--on finding oneself, acceptance, and life in general.

Darin Morgan just has that gift--a balance of comedy and depth. He's not just being funny for the sake of being funny. It's silly, yes. But, we learn from his stories. He clearly is a comedic genius, yet he makes us think about life and the choices we make. That is his gift. A great storyteller who makes us laugh, think and understand--all at the same time  in one episode!

It's easier to believe in monsters out there in the world than to accept that the real monsters dwell within us here... and sometimes here. Maybe sometimes here. (chuckles) Not everything can be reduced to psychology. That's what you think.

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And speaking of gifts, Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster is indeed a gift given to us fans. We spotted the 'Easter Eggs'--War of the Coprophages, Quagmire (Queequeg!), Moby Dick (Daggoo), Red Museum and Psycho (peeping Tom!), Scully and Mulder's tie (oh, she loves playing with them ties), RED SPEEDOS (come on!), Kolchak (that outfit!) and a whole lot more! The Kim Manners homage was everything! I thank you, Darin Morgan. Kim means so much not only to the people involved in the show, but to the fans, as well. We miss you, Kim Manners! ♥

Now, onto my favorite scenes because there are a lot of them.

The scene between Mulder and Dr. Rumanovitch about humans and psychology, for me, was eye-opening. It made a point. It made me realize, "yeah, that is so true".

Dr. Rumanovitch said,

It's easier to believe in monsters out there in the world than to accept that the real monsters dwell within us...

whereas Mulder replied,

Not everything can be reduce to psychology.
It's easier to believe in monsters out there in the world than to accept that the real monsters dwell within us here... and sometimes here. Maybe sometimes here. (chuckles) Not everything can be reduced to psychology. That's what you think.

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It's easier to believe in monsters out there in the world than to accept that the real monsters dwell within us here... and sometimes here. Maybe sometimes here. (chuckles) Not everything can be reduced to psychology. That's what you think.

Read more at:

Now tell me that ain't superior! Darin Morgan speaks superior script and we have tons of that in this episode.

Even when Guy Mann was talking about the only thing humans can understand--revenge. That speaks reality in this world. Our vengeful instinct. We see other people as monsters but fail to look at ourselves. We refuse to see the monster within us. This whole 'monster within us' have always been part of The X-Files philosophy as can notably be seen in Irresistible or Milagro. It's something we often overlook and this show challenges us to examine these realities about humans and monsters. For me, this episode effectively gave that message. It did. To me.

Too many things to contemplate about life in this episode. It gave us a glimpse of what would happen if we stop looking for our own purpose in life, or if we're simply convinced that there's nothing more to life...

Because if there's nothing more to life than what we already know, then there's nothing but worries, self-doubt, regret and loneliness.

Again, that speaks superior script.

Darin even took time to address people (maybe, indirectly) who might think that the whole episode is silly. After all, it's been Mulder's life. Some people think his theories were really silly and in a way, Mulder kind of mocked them by mocking his own theories. Heh

Mulder: Sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? 
Scully: Yeah. 
Mulder: You're really enjoying yourself, aren't you, Scully? 
Scully: Yeah. I am. I forgot how much fun these cases could be.

Indeed, it is fun. I've missed seeing them investigate such fun cases. Remember Bad Blood, Jose Chung's, War of the Coprophages. Live a little, people! Take time to laugh! I think it's what makes this show different from others--it can go all dark, scary, intriguing, and dramatic, or go all light, funny, and silly, or best, do both. The X-Files has always been able to do everything. It crosses all genres and I call that The X-Files magic!

Finally, my favorite moment from Were-Monster, the motel scene. The one where Mulder was debating with himself in front of Scully. Haaaaa! He knows her too well. Good thing FOX uploaded a clip of that scene. Watch it here. I can't help but laugh every time Scully tries to interject her ideas, but she just can't because Mulder knows what she was gonna say.

David did a great job in this scene. Gillian just really had great timing. This speaks CHEMISTRY. Out of this world chemistry. Unequaled. Unparalleled.

Because I truly love this scene, I have a couple of gifs for you! ♥

All I'm saying is...

And she simply says,

Yeah, we feel you, Scully. Your Mulder. It didn't end there! Mulder goes on and says, "So, you're agreeing with me?" To which our classic Scully exclaimed, "NO!"



Darin Morgan brought back a true fun classic X-Files episode. Most importantly, for bringing Mulder's mojo back--his willingness to believe. That last scene said a lot"I want to believe", says Mulder. It what makes this episode very significant. It was moving. Again with that Mark Snow music. He truly knows how to end a scene so beautifully.  

Thank you Mr. Darin Morgan! Here's to more

There will be more.

Believe it.

I know it.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

TV REVIEW: The X-Files - "Founder's Mutation"


My initial reaction after watching the second episode of The X-Files revival was: That was beautiful! It truly was beautiful. Founder's Mutation is the quintessential X-Files episode we have been waiting to see! Mulder and Scully back at the F.B.I, being the "special" agents that they are, and investigating government conspiracies and paranormal phenomena together is simply amazing. My favorite show is really back with all the feels. LOTS AND LOTS OF FEELS.


We were led to believe that Founder's Mutation was a standalone or 'Monster of the Week' (MOTW) episode. It was; and then, it wasn't. In fact, it was a mix of mythology and MOTW. It captured both elements of what made The X-Files a unique show. It's a MOTW episode because Mulder and Scully were dealing not with monsters, but with individuals who have special abilities, which could have been genetically engineered by important and powerful people. It was bloody, too. Lots of blood out there. Heh.

It's a mythology episode for an obvious reason, the William arc. The case involved children who underwent genetic experimentation all their lives, and it hit them. It hit them hard. It hit fans real hard too. Fans have longed for this arc and we finally got it--just not the way we wanted it. This was extremely heartbreaking. Yes, it was beautiful, but damn was it heartbreaking. We get to see Mulder's and Scully's individual dream sequence--as "Dad" and "Mom" to William, and their greatest fear...of losing him. This Mulder/Scully different point of views reminded me of the film, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby. If you've seen the movie, I think you'd understand why. That, or it's probably just me.

Understandably, one of Scully's fears is William getting hurt, similar to what other moms fear. What makes this unique, however, is her greatest fear that William might actually be part alien--considering that the children involved were genetically experimented on--that "what if" had a huge effect on her.

Mulder's dream sequence, for me, is this episode's highlight. We have never really seen Mulder as a dad to William since Existence. It is probably why the scenes between Mulder and William had so much effect on the fans. Watching TV, eating popcorn, setting up a rocket, flying a rocket--it was everything we've imagined, a perfect father-son moment. And then, gone! Just like that! It's Samantha all over again. Mulder's greatest fear: losing William as he lost Samantha. That was simply heartbreaking. 

You know what made the dream sequence scenes and that end scene even more heartbreaking? Mark Snow's music. It beautifully captured Mulder and Scully's pain.

"Bad things happen when birds gather" is one of the best and memorable lines in this episode. James Wong, you are one heck of a writer. Of course, thank you for this: "You're never just anything to me, Scully".  Squeeeee ♥. MSR is alive more than ever, not even Chris Carter can kill it hahaha.

In one scene Scully asked Dr. Goldman as to whether or not alien DNA was involved, but to no avail, the question was not answered. The Department of Defense was also involved in the case, thus Mulder, Scully and Skinner's hands were tied. I say that Founder's Mutation has a connection, story-wise to My Struggle--alien DNA vis a vis government conspiracy--that the government had the direct hand in genetic experimentation that resulted to Kyle and Molly's special abilities, and maybe, William's? Or, Scully's immortality?

Oh, by the way, was it "DANA is the key" or "DATA is the key"? I really heard DANA is the key and it might have something to do with the mythology. Maybe.

All in all, I really enjoyed this episode. I enjoyed the creepiness of the birds, the blood, the would-have-been, the pain, the sorrow, the heartbreak, and the hope. All the love to James Wong for writing a great story and to The X-Files team for the great execution! Simply beautiful!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

TV REVIEW: The X-Files - "My Struggle"


c/o Giphy | The X-Files Facebook Page
Our favorite show is back and cliche' as it may sound, it was AWESOME! It got mixed reviews from the critics, but I think fan reviews are way more important than the critics', right? Looks like majority of us, XPhiles, loved it. I mean, truly loved it. And of course, it brought back great memories.

It had to begin with a voiceover. Oh how I've missed it! Lots of nostalgia!

I am not going to recap the episode(s) because I suck at it. I will simply write about my thoughts, feelings and emotions, and my theories about the mythology--especially the mythology.

The X-Files is, among other things, a show about government conspiracies and the revival episode just gave us that. Some have complained that My Struggle gave too much of it, but not  me. Having seen the second episode, Founder's Mutation, it became clearer that they just had to lay down the basis. They may have presented too much of these conspiracies in one episode, nonetheless it needed to be done. Season 10 will only have six episodes. It's probably why there's a conspiracy overload and it's a little bit fast paced. Still, it was better than expected. The office basement shift, in particular, was kind of out of place, but the dialogue was on point. I particularly loved "it's fiction masquerading as fact"--great delivery by David Duchovny. There are lot of truths in that particular statement, by the way. Relevant and current.

Mulder realizing the "what ifs"--what if the alien conspiracy was a lie, or what if everything they were led to believe in was all a lie? It would definitely change everything, wouldn't it? Everything was simply orchestrated by the government, but what if this sudden shift was just a decoy? Or, a ploy to confuse us. I mean, this is Chris Carter--that man, the myth, the legend of conspiracy theories--alien, government or both. Also, government conspiracies have always been part of the show. I mean, these are all WHAT IFs, and just like the 90's, uncertain. In The X-Files, you can never be certain, except the love between Mulder and Scully--that, definitely, is certain. Oh, my shipper heart!

Yes, the shipper heart. Not even TAD can destroy that. Let's talk about Tad for a minute. You don't call Scully, Dana, okay? Especially when you're not Mulder. The Tad Hate Is Out There. He's the male version of Diana Fowley. He won't stand a chance. On another note, I think Joel McHale as Tad O'Malley was convincing enough, if the goal was to annoy us, or as what Scully said, "a charming man full of charming BS". In that case, he succeeded. I'll have to leave it at that. Oh, Annet Mahendru was pretty good as Sveta. Props to the both of you!

Watching The X-Files felt like I was watching a movie in prime time television. I guess it has always been that way, even Vince Gilligan would agree. My Struggle had that feel, only it's 2016 and the visuals are amazing. Finally, the studio has given this show the support it deserves--comes with technology, I guess. So, technically, I have no complaints. Fantastic visuals!

The premiere also brought a lot of nostalgia. Just seeing them back together brought back great X-Files memories, fangirl memories and simply, everything about The X-Files. It was special. Plus, the old title sequence is back with minor changes. It's old new. It's chilling. Classic. X-Files. Mark Snow is a legend. The X-Files theme will forever be remembered. The Mulder/Tad conspiracy monologue was Kritschgau-esque. Redux, And then, the voice of reason, Dana Scully, just shuts them down. "Your test came back negative. She has no evidence of alien DNA" was a great Scully exit. BOOM!

Now, these are my theories. I think Sveta is alive. As Scully said near the end, Sveta has alien DNA. Scully had it re-tested, and apparently, "She (Sveta) is not the only one". It is implied that Scully has alien DNA too. Makes sense, if you ask me. And more importantly, I think Scully's alien DNA might have something to do with her "immortality". It has been said that Season 10 will tackle Scully's so-called "immortality". It's why I also think Sveta's still alive aside from the "no dead body, not dead" principle on TV. We'll have to wait and see if these theories prove correct.

Finally, how the hell is the Cigarette-Smoking-Man still alive? I have no explanation, except that he survived the "blast". Or, he may have alien DNA too? Haaaaaa!

What matters is, The X-Files is re-opened and our favorite agents are back! ♥